The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


3. school and walk home

After we got through the crowds me and Niall walk in silence luckily it wasn't awkward a few people made comments like "horans got a girlfriend". They didn't sound like friendly banter it was more like they enjoyed making fun off him. I couldn't see why he was clearly good looking is a blonde haired with bits off brown in it that look like it was done In under 5 minutes but it still worked for him. he also has clear braces making his smile even cuter, he seemed caring and not nosey but quite reserved and I'd never seem him not smile. When we got to u71 (my IT class) Niall held the door open for me such a gentleman! I thank him and he took me over to a middle aged women with blond hair that was averaged waist she entraduced her self as mrs Fisher. After that I zoned out and looked around the class room there was 5 empty seats 2 at the very back in a pair and 1 at the front the other two where placed in the centre of the room, There where 2 people that looked like twins with identical red hair cut in bobs with green eyes. There was about 5 girls I would most definitely stay clear off in this class they had a ton of makeup on like they where a painting there tops showed off way too much skin there hair was all dip died hot pink I could only guess how short there bottoms where. The what seemed jokers where ever laughing spitting spit balls at people or standing up when ever miss wasn't looking. There was what I classed as normal people sat around the room just sat there waiting for instructions or talking to there friends.
"Ash" I heard Niall say jolting me back to back to reality
"Yup" I say popping the p
"Where sitting at the back on the two spare chairs"
"Okay let's go"
When we sat in are seats Niall helped me set up my log in for the school computers, and seem as it was just a recap lesson for people to catch up on work the Niall had already completed we just talked and showed each other things online. I found out he played the guitar and sung a bit but never let any one hear him he also wrote songs but know one heard the either. He had a brother called Greg Horan who had now moved out his parents are divorced and him and all his family are from Ireland. I told him a bit about my self and then we talked about random stuff for the rest off the lesson.
I swear I'm dreaming this girl is like my perfect girl I really wanted to get to know her she seemed really funny and we had a lot of things in common I hoped one day soon she trusted me to tell me about the cuts on her arm but I told me self not to push her in to any thing ever. When the bell rang I was surprised time flyes I found out her mum had died giving birth to her so she lived alone with her dad. I also found out she loves Nandoes but has only been twice and she liked Disney movies but her altime favourite film was Grease. I was walking to music in a day dream about Ash not paying attention to where I was going even if I was a tour guide
"Niall wasn't we meant to go down there" Ash asks pointing down the corridor that was in fact the right way
"Umm yer we are sorry I zoned out a bit there" she burst out laughing
"Think about your girl friend" she asked teasenly
"Hahhaha no I don't have one what about you thinking about your boy friend earlier"
"Nope I'm single and ready to mingle" she said between laughs and I joined in this was on special girl. When we calmed down I decied to ask her how she new the way so fast
"I don't know at my old school I got told I had a photographic memory so that's probably why"
"I see" she probably smart then. We arrived at the music room my favoite lesson I felt a bit sorry for Ash seen as it was my gcse option this year and she was stuck with it. I walk up to the teacher mr. Strings I know cheesie for a music teacher. Any way I introduced Ash and once again we got put at the back. Ash got behind the keyboard I got my notes out my bag and put them on the music stand the teacher did a quick regestier and let's do are own thing so long as we where sensible. I was about to start playing when Ash bet me she looked at the notes on my sheet and played the song through perfectly I stared at her in aww she smiled
"I guess I forgot to tell you I've been playing the piano since I was 4 so that's like 12 years now"
"Wow that's longer than I've been playing the guitar I've only done that for 10 years"
She looked at me sheepishly
"What Ash" I ask her
"Wellll I was wondering you don't have to or anything but could you give me lessons in the guitar please? It can be any where any time." I ask nervously I really wanted to learn and I was really curious to listen to him play I also wanted to get to know him better I really wanted to trust him with the story behind my scares and this would help me learn to trust him. Plus he's really cute.
Niall looked really shocked that I'd asked slowly a small smile spread across his face "Of course I will but you better not get better then me we could start today after school if you want I don't have any plans or friends to have plans with but ill understand if you can't make it tonight with your dad and all" I said
I grin at him "thank you! And tonight's fine my dads away on business for the week I can cook you tea after as well if you want as a thank you gesture"
"It's a plan!"
This day has been the best school day ever I feel like I've known Ash for ever. I got the spare guitar from the storage cupboard while Ash just fiddled on the piano playing a tune to as long as you love me by Justin Bieber I honestly was a fan of his music so it wasn't long until I was singing along in the cupboard looking for the guitar then I remebered Ash could hear me singing I automatically stopped and pulled out the guitar from its hiding place and brought it out for Ash I gave it to and got mine from the front of the class room "your a really good singer you know" Ash told me I blushed "that's but its only cos I had a great backing track" I reply coursing her to blush I laughed "come on let's get started" I taught her the basic cords and she picked on really fast I wasn't even bothered that she could her me play she made me feel it didn't matter with her she was progressing so well I dug out the cord progressions for tear drops on my guitar a beginner piece and talked her through the first verse after half and hour she had pick up verse one and we where playing it together and she started singing her voice was like an angle I joined in when we got to the end on the verse and I carried on playing and singing she got up and ran to the piano and picked up from where we where singing and playing when the song ended we just laughed for ages she walked back over and sat next to me. I realised how pretty she was when she laughed suddenly there was a knock on the door and Mrs Jones walked in "Niall it's time to go .. Ash what are you doing here." She asked
"I'm teaching her guitar and okay we'll leave now thank you" mrs jones just smiled and we all walked to the school exit.
When we got to the car park we said good bye and my stomach rumbled "do you still want to come to mine for tea or do you have plans" Ash asked me. I smiled at her
"I'd love to come to yours if its okay by you"
"Okay walk or bus?" Walk walk walk I chanted in my head
"Im not bothered you can choose" I say
She smiled "we'll walk them it's not far" I smiled we walk for a bit are hands would brush on occasion sending jolts of electricity up my arm it took all my will power not to grab hold of her Hand she looked up a smiled "do you like pasta?"
I stopped her turned her to face me grabbed her hand "I love all food especially pasta and Nandos" she laughed and carried on walking not letting go off my hand I smiled and interlocked are figures together she looked up smiled and just carried on walking. We walk like this for another ten minuets making the odd comment her and there she let go of my hand and opened her door
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