The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


10. Rest off the day

When the bell rang meant Ash made are way to to the Café at a slow pace seen as it was raining and every one was rushing as we didn't want to fall over "what are you getting for lunch" Ash asked me
"Dunno maybe pizza you?"
"I don't know what they sell"
"Well if you like something in the queue I'm in you can just get something from that bar thing "
"Yup that's what I was gonna do!"
"Jesus it's chilly con carny out here!" Ash said I burst out laughing "What?"
"Chilly con carny most people just say cold or chilly"
"I'm not most people"
"I gathered that!"
"Come on my hairs gonna get messed up!" She said in a sarcastic voice
"I know and my make ups gonna run"
"I know right it's sooooo annoying I mean can't it just be waterproof" we burst out laughing "but seriously Niall hurry up I'm hungry and by the sounds off it you are to" I rolled my eyes
-line break-
"Where should we sit"
"Well at this school the students have created there own seating plan we have to sit at the back near the bin sorry"
"It's fine I love the smell off waste"
"Good!" We got in are seats both off us had a slice off pizza for lunch she had grapes for pudding and I had a chocolate muffin
"How are you feeling about going in to care to night?" I ask her
"Well okay but what if they don't like me"
"They will what's not to like?"
"Thanks Niall but I think that about you but not everyone seems to feel that way no offence like"
"Yer I guess your right oh well do you have twitter by the way?"
"Nope I've never had the need"
"Okay well we'll make you an account tonight at mine before the police man comes to get you"
"Right you'll have to teach me how to use it though"
"Definitely Ill follow you aswell"
" okay what ever that means
" it means you friend them type thing"
"Right" she started eating the pizza really fast
" you like that pizza" she blushed
"Yup it soo good"
"Never been to pizza express then" she gave me a wired look as if to say no
"They have the best Pizza there ever in the world"
"Ahh can I ask you a question Niall"
" what do you want for your birthday?" What did I want I couldn't think
"A new cd I don't have any from this year" she smiled
"Okay thank you"
"No problemo we have life now ill warn you it can be a bit personal"
"Right can't wait"
"Come on we've both done we may as well make are way to life"
------science class-----
We had science again but this time theory mr Mcsimmons was explaining fags about chemistry but I wasn't really listening he was showing us a slideshow when he had done with the talk he handed out a sheet for us to fill in it took Ash like 5 minutes she was probably paying attention and she had that whole photographic memory thing. Her hand shot up "yes Ash"
"I've done" Mr Simmons came over and checked over her answers they must have been right because he nodded and congratulated her "help Niall now" he said to her so she turned to me and did just that. As soon as I'd done the bell went and we set off home
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