The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


21. Remember me

-2 years later-
It had been two years since I'd seen Niall or heard from him it had been two seconds since I last heard of him literally me and Chloe got adopted together and or new family moved to America before we left 1year ago Sophie had given us blue highlights so we would remember her and we hadn't got rid off them since we where having some new students in school today never guess who that's right Niall and his band mates just great I quickly pulled on and made my way to school I didn't really want to see Niall again but I don't think he'll remember me or anything so ill just ignore him if I can.
-at school-
Me and Chloe were sat at the back in form chatting about what we where doing tonight seen as are foster parents were out, we concluded on movie night pot noodles and chocolate. Suddenly the door opened and mr smithies teacher came in with two boys one I recognised as Niall the other one I think was Louis? "Boys and girls these are your new class mates" all the girls where looking like they where going to pass out except me and Chloe we kinda not Chloe she had a thing for Louis kind off and me well I loved Niall no love I don't really know any more the boys looked a bit pissed to be honest seen as they didn't like one direction and most off the girls where literally suppressing fan girl screens mr Smith pointed at a seat next to me "Horan sit there" great he then pointed to the seat next to Chloe "tomlinson sit there Chase Wilson you'll be the tour guides" and they made there way over to us Chloe and Louis got in to a deep conversation pretty quickly me and Niall stayed in awkward silence "so my names Niall"
"Hey I'm Ash Ash Chase"
"That's a nice name so you don't sound like your from here are you or what?" Seriously he didn't remember me at all jot even a tiny bit
"No I lived in Wakefield until I was sixteen then I moved to Muligar until I was 17 I got put in care when I was 16 and moved here when I was 17 so I've lived here for about a year now"
"I used to live in Muligar I'm surprised we never saw each other" what we where with each other 24/7 for like 8 months we where best friends for god sake
"Yer well I guess it's a big place"
"Yer I guess so what's it like here"
I nearly said like our old school but I stopped my self "it's okay like any high school really"
"So tell me Niall how was your life before one direction"
"Not that good I didn't have any friends and now every One from school is like remember when we were BFF it's really annoying"
"Oh I guess it must be"
"Yer not a lot of people know that so don't tell any one"
"I already new"
"How" Niall asked curiously
"Wait did I say that out loud I'm sorry just forget I said any thing"
"No tell me pleaseeeee" why couldn't he just remember I always caved when he used his puppy dog eyes
"You don't know do you honestly don't know" I said
"Honestly cross my heart"
"So you have never seen me before in your life" I ask
"If you came to one of our fan things I'm sorry but I won't remember you"
"No I only went to the xfactor"
"Okay so tell me how you knew"
"You don't know I'm not telling you" and with that the bell rang
"Wait Ash you need to show me around"
"Fine gimme your time table" I frowned after I read it
"Great we have all the same lessons"
"Well seen as we do can you tell me what your problem is with me so I can make it right" Niall asked
"There's no problem I just don't like your music" I lied in all honestly I was a huge Directioner
"Oh okay then well I can't change that but why not"
"I um don't like music that comes from tv shows like xfactor?" Sugar that came out like a question
"What I'm not lying"
"You are you said it like a question and also why would you pay for a xfactor ticket if you didn't like the music"
"Okay fine I was lying and I do like one direction but I didn't buy the xfactor ticket so there"
"Okay I guess your a bit Moddy because ever one your pmsing or two you where star struck by me and louis which will get worse when you see harry zayn and Liam or finally today's just not your day"
"Well if it was going to be any of them I'd say two but edited a bit"
"Oooo tell me more"
That carried on until we got to our next lesson
"I like you your funny" Niall said to me I gave him a weak smile "can I sit with you at lunch please I don't want to sit with some crazy fan girl"
"Okay sure what ever"
Ash was stunning she seemed a bit familiar but I couldn't think were from her friend sister thing chloe was pretty too not my type though Louis obviously really liked her as well she looked really good in I sat down next to Liam and Zayn I was facing ash "so Niall you must have had one friend before you was all super star famous"
"No no I didn't"
I couldn't stand it any more Chloe sent me a sympathetic look "really Niall no one who supported you or helped you"
"No only my family" I felt tears coming in to my eyes I couldn't cry in front off Niall and his friends I've only just met who seen to have kicked me out off his life I didn't blame them though they wouldn't know about me. I ran out to the library I could hear someone following me I recognised it as Niall when they shouted out to me when I got to the library I sat on the sofa and burst in to tears "what's wrong Ash"
"Your whats wrong Niall"
"Why what have I done I only met you what 3 hours ago if that"
"Really Niall honestly you don't remember me"
"No you've already asked me this I don't I'm sorry I meet a lot of people you'll just have to forget about it" ouch i cant believe my best ex best friend actually said that I thought I could get him to remember me some how obviously not.
"Here may be this will jog your memory" I slap my promise bracket he gave me on the floor and storm off to the bath room.
Ash I remember kind of her now she was from my school she was my friend no best friend she was the one person stopping me from having a girl friend because I still wasn't over her I didn't mean to forget about her I asked my mum when I went to visit her where Ash was but she said she had moved away I tried texting her but she would never answer any of the texts or any thing. I knew I recognised her but I couldn't tell her In case it wasn't her I needed to find her and explain things as soon as possible.

Hey guys I know louis isn't really young enough to be in school but in this ff he is there all the same age as well xx thanks for reading like favourite comment if you want to x
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