The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


14. Last day

--------last day off school before Christmas holidays-------------
Things between me and ash where pretty much the same I haven't plucked up the courage to ask her out, we always had a sleep over at mine on Saturdays, all our lessons where fu just like films and Christmas work sheets, tomorrow was my mums wedding so Ash would be staying at mine the bell rang singling end off the day I packed my bag up and walked out with Ash "what you want for tea today"
"What ever"
"So helpful as always"
"Ha ha by the way Sophie made me bring the Percy Jackson DVD so that thy wouldn't have to watch it"
"Course you just want to see it don't worry we can make room to see it"
"Yes I can tell you it all from memory yet I must see it to night" she told me laughing
"It must be good then"
We arrived home my mum and Chris where out doing wedding plans I went in the kitchen to get a drink off water for me and ash there was a note on the fridge saying " Niall and Ash we won't be back till around 9 there's money in the hall way draw of you need it be good and call if you need any thing
Love mum
Ps don't eat the cakes!!"
I laughed
"What's so funny" I heard Ash yell
"My mum left a note" Ash came in
"Let me see" I handed it to her she read it and laughed with me
"I call pizza" I yell making Ash laugh even more she shook her head and got a menu I rang them up and ordered a plain margarita and pepperoni Ash smiled when I got her order right
"Guess what happened yesterday" Ash said poking me
"What? Aliens evaded"
"No not even close"
"Tell me then"
"Right well Chloe was having a go at me for being weak and single" she started
"Well" I begun but she cut me off
" so I said to her Being single doesn't mean you're weak, it means you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve" I smiled that was my quote
"And she just called me a smart ass" I laugh
"Come on let's go watch 2 and a half men for a bit when the pizzas come you can bore me with Percy Jackson" she stuck her tongue out at me
"I didn't want to bring it" I rolled my eyes we made are way to the sofa and sat down next to each other we watched 2 episodes off 2 and a half men and then the pizza came Ash went and paid with the money in the draw while I but the DVD on she came back in with the pizza we sat down and ate I liked the fact that Ash would eat as much as she wanted she once told me she wanted to put on weight I'd never heard any girl say that in my life before her I suppose I've never known any one as skinny as her I was glad she was getting more meat on her. She finished her pizza 3 minuets after me and leant back to concentrate on the film more occasionally talking along with it I smiled for no reason I do that a lot round her she makes me smile all the time.
About half way In to the film Ash started getting sleepy I could tell by the way she was fighting to keep her eyes open I looked at the television screen the film was actually pretty good soon I felt ash lean he head on me I pulled her close and laid down and legs wrapped around each other soon she was in a deep sleep I watched the film to the end though I probably won't admit it to Ash because she would say I told you so I really enjoyed the film. I turned the tv off and drifted of in to a deep sleep.
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