The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


23. Laser quest part one

I could feel someone nudging me awake "5 more minutes Liam" I mumble I hear a girl giggle my eyes snapped open "hey Ash"
"Hey Niall, Chloe and Louis are making breakfast" I jolt up and ran to the kitchen as much as I love (In a brotherly way) he can not cook with out burning the food I let out a sigh off relieve when I see Louis just sat on the counter watching Chloe intently she was making pancakes, I walk over to Louis and sit next to him and give him a nudge "shut your mouth you'll get files" I whisper to Louis he snapped it shout and a small blush creeped up his face Ash came in wearing she looked stunning Louis nudged me "shut your trap" I give him a look
"Chloe you go get changed ill quickly finish up" she made her way to the pan and a couple of minutes later it was dished up and Chloe came down wearing she looked good and I could tell Louis was impressed seen as her was staring at her I give him a kick we wolfed down the pancakes me and Louis got changed and we walked down stairs “So what are we doing today?” I ask
Ash smiles, “I thought we could go play some Laser Tag.”
“Laser Tag?” Louis ask. “As in, running around in the dark shooting people with lasers?”
“Yeah,” chloe says her smile fades. “Do you not like Laser Tag?”
“Are you kidding?” Louis laugh. “I love it! I played a few times a birthday parties but haven’t gone in a while.”
Ash and Chloe smile , “Great.” They say in unison
“I feel bad for you, though,” Louis says
“Why?” I can hear the confusion in Ash's voice.
I turn to look at them, “Because I always win.”
"Ahh well you've never played against me then!" Chloe yelled from the car
"Well since I'm not that experienced and Niall definitely is and Chloe you make out to be so I say me as chloe vs Ash and Niall?"
"Sure" every one agreed
“Attention!” a woman’s clear voice over the loud speaker announces. “You will have exactly 60 seconds to explore the maze before we turn on the guns. After that you have ten minutes to get as many points as possible. Every time you shoot someone, there vest will flash green and there gun will be turned off for ten seconds. You will get ten points for hitting the stomach or back targets and 15 points for the shoulders. If you hit someone on your own team, you will be deducted ten points. Each team has a base on either sides of the room. Every time a person from the other team hits your target they will gain 50 points, so keep it well guarded. Please no hitting, shooting people in the eyes, physical contact, or covering the targets on your vests. Please be civil and keep language appropriate. Thank you, and have fun!”
There is a loud buzzing sound and the doors are pulled open. Even though the different teams’ doors were right next to each other, when you enter the room there is a big wall separating them. I look into the deep black room as people from my team, who have obviously played here before, run in quickly. The room is filled with barriers and walls to hide behind. A few of the walls have mirrors on them, so the really skilled players can shoot people using the reflection. Some of the walls and barriers had cut outs in them, making it hard to tell which were mirrors and which weren’t. Everything on the left side of the room was painted red and everything on the right was blue. So the blue team’s base is somewhere on the right and mine is somewhere on the left. Each one was probably over flowing with people trying to protect them. There were three towers on each side as well, so people could hit others from above.
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