The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


24. Laser quest 2/ I wish

We played laser quest for 10 minutes me and Niall won so we were dancing about and shouting to Chloe and Louis "losers losers losers" all they did was give us a weird look and just laughed. Then Niall made a suggestion "who's up for Nandos?" He asked. "Sure" we all said together. We walked down the stairs and into the Nandos restaurant and straight away one of the waiters said "can I get you a table of four"
"Sure" I said. As we all walked towards the table following the waiter I heard a whispering "ash, ash, ash, ASH I SAY!" I turned and saw Percy, he came up to me and gave me a hug, I hugged him back.
Who was this boy, Ash gave 'Percy' (whoever he was) a hug. I decided it was hate at first sight. With his mysterious green eyes and cheeky smile, not to mention he smelt of seaweed, I mean really? Seaweedoo? The idiot kissed her on the cheek and Ash blushed and she said "I miss you Percy"
"Miss you too, see you soon!"
"Okay bye"
The seaweed-brain left finally! We made are way to the table "how is he Ash?" Chloe asked
"Oh he's okay I think now"
"That's good you still see him a lot"
"Yer kinda but not as much before you know"
"Yer okay well I hope your okay"
"Yer we are dont worry you self"
We ordered are food I sat opposite Ash and Louis sat opposite Chloe in there own conversation me and Ash started talking "so how was your up all night tour I want all the juicy details!" Ash said
"Haha it was great um I can't think of any juicy bits but if you want to know anything about ask me or the boys"
"Okay, how loud are the crowds"
"Extremely loud like 10/10 loud"
"Hahaha so like louder then all our own mini consents we did together by our selfs"
"Nah we don't have that many fans come o our two people that's pretty intense crowds"
"Hahaha ill take that as a yes then"
"Hahaha yup what about you what you been up to"
"Well I got a A in business, I got adopted by the jones that moved us here I found some of my direct family my cousin who now is seriously ill but seems to be doing okay and that's all really"
"Wow an A that's well good I know you worked hard I'm sorry about your cousin"
"Thanks and it's not your fault"
The food came and me and Ash ate in silence I hoped her cousin was okay I prayed that she was only friends with Percy. When we where done Louis said "me and Chloe are off in to town you can join us if you want" I was obvious he didn't want us to so we said no "so you wanna come to my house" Ash ask
when we got to Ash's house we sat on the sofas and run reruns of Icarly on since where that cool after 5 episodes "how's your piano/guitar going then"
"Alright I can play all your songs umm all marron 5 and perfect 2"
"That's well good"
"Play me a song now!"
"Yes sir you have to sing though"
"Okay you do piano ill do guitar and vocals"
She starts playing and I recognise it as i wish I start to play the guitar and sing along.
Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na

He takes your hand, I die a little
I watch your eyes, and I'm in riddles
Why can't you look at me like that?

When you walk by, I try to say it
But then I freeze, And never do it
My tongue gets tied, the words get trapped.

I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I'm near you

But I see you with him, slow dancing.
Tearing me apart, Cause you don't see.
Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking,
Oh how I wish that was me.

Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na

He looks at you the way that I would.
Does all the things I know that I could.
If only time could just turn back.

Cause I got three little words that I've always been dying to tell you

But I see you with him, slow dancing.
Tearing me apart, Cause you don't see.
Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking.
Oh how I wish that was me

With my hands on your waist, While we dance in the moonlight.
I wish it was me, That you call later on Cause you wanna say good night.

Cause I see you with him, slow dancing.
Tearing me apart Cause you don't see.

But I see you with him, slow dancing.
Tearing me apart, Cause you don't see.
Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking.
Oh how I wish
Oh how I wish
Oh how I wish, that was me.
Oh how I wish, that was me.

When we had done I realised just how much I related to that song with ash and Percy *ring ring*
"Hello" Ash said answering the home phone.
"Are you sure" "yes ill come what's the address" what the hell was going on "how bad" "Im sure it will be fine don't worry" I saw a tears in her eyes "bye ill see you soon" she hung up the phone "Ash what's wrong"
"My cousin he's in hospital again but it's proper bad or something and I have to go and see him"
"Okay ill drive you" she gave me a weak smile "you don't have to"
"I know I want to" we walked out to my car and sat in silence "so what's up with your cousin"
"I'll tell you but don't tell any one because I'm not suppose I say anything"
"Well I'm sure what its called exactly but he keeps having strokes like he's had 3 this year and now he's had another one don't tell him this but the doctors don't think he's going to make it through the year" oh well it could be better
"I'm sorry" I say as we pull up at the hospital.
"It's not your fault" we walk up the stairs off the hospital to ward 8 room 4 I walked in after Ash and saw .....
My best friend wrote the start off this chapter ( chloebriggs11) go check out her amazing book this is love :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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