The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


16. Ill never forget you

I woke up next to Ash I shook her awake. When she finally came round we got out off bed and she got changed in to this we went to the food section of the hotels we both had a bowl of coco pops and quickly packed our bags and got a taxi to the bowling ally, I paid for the tickets even though Ash said she would pay for her own we gave the staff our shoe sizes and we went to our ally and started the game I showed Ash how to play and then we started in the end I won but only by ten points "wow you must be really good if it was your first time and you nearly beat me" she laughed
"Yer that or your not very good"
"I'm sure it's the first idea"
"Course it is"
"Come on there's a Nandos near by"
"Right then lets go"
We arrived at Nandos and ordered are food
"So I remember one time the first in fact we where here" Ash started
"Yer what about it" I asked genuinely curious
"Well you said you was going to audition for X factor"
" oh yer I remember that I gave you my autograph"
"So are you going to do it then"
" do what?"
"I won't be good enough"
"Niall are you kidding new your like a Irish Bieber" she told me
"Your not just saying that"
"I pinky swear" she said holding out her little finger I shook it
"Thanks Ash you really are the best"
"I know right!"
"Haha yes you are thank you god knows where I'd be with out you"
"Back at you Niall honestly I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for you"
I smile at her the food came and we ate in silence,
"Niall promise me something" Ash said
"If and when you get big and famous don't forget me"
"I won't I swear to god I don't think any one could forget you"
We left Nandos and started to walk to the care home we got to the fields "tag" Ash yelled before running off I room after her and tag her back but I can hardly go 5 meters before I'm on again we play for about 20 minuets before where out off breath and at Elm tree
"I've really had fun to day and yesterday thanks Nialler"
"Any time" I say stepping closer to her convincing my self that I was going to kiss her right now
"ASH" I hear a girl yell
"I have to go now bye ill see you soon?"
She hugged me
"Thanks" she whispered and went inside well so much for that then I walked out back home.
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