The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


7. Home vist

We arrived at my house and I opened the door I could her my mum singing in the kitchen,"mum I'm home"
"I'm in the kitchen love" I walked in to the kitchen with Ash at the side of me I gave her a reassuring smile "mum this is Ash she's a friend and new to Ireland"
"Hello love I'm Niall's mum it's great to have one of friend round would you like to stay for tea?" She asked Ash looked at me and I nodded "umm okay thanks..."
"Maura call me Maura"
"Is there any food you don't like"
"Nope none that I've ever had before"
"Great well Ill shout you both when its done"
We nodded and headed out of the kitchen "come on ill show you my room" I lead her up stairs and opened the door to my room she looked around my far wall was blue and the rest where white there was photos on the left wall a brown set of draws a book case with like 5 books on and bed side cabinet next to my double bed that had blue covers she went to my huge window
"Niall you never said my house was near yours" what was she on about
"It's not is it?"
"Yup that's my house" she said pointing I walked over to the window and looked where she was pointing I could see my back Garden and a small path then a garden that looked a bit like hers only 50-100 meters awayish "are you sure?" I asked
"Yes that's my dad"she said pointing to a big muscular man in the window with brown hair and I think brown eyes I couldn't see that far
"How the hell did I fit in his top"
"Well you know you've got fairly big muscles and stuff so"
"No ones ever said that before" she laughed then suddenly her dad smashed the window you could her him shouting "ASH GET HERE NOW!!" She turned to me "I've got to go I'm so sorry"
"Wait Ash is that your window"
"Yer why?"
"Go to the window once you've spoke to your dad and Ill climb up get you and you can have tea here"
"Okay thanks" she gave me a hug and left looking petrified
As I got to my front door I hesitated before opening the door just as I was about to my dad flung it open "Get in" he growled and grabbed my top and pulled me in.
"I thought you where away on business"
"I was I got court not that it's any of your business where moving"
"What why"
"Can you not hear me I just said are you that thick I thought you where smart here read this he picked up a dictionary" and slammed it on my head "GO TO YOUR ROOM AND DON'T LET ME LAY EYES ON YOU UNTIL TOMORROW!"
"Okay I said close to tears
"And pack your bags" great just great I'd made my first ever friend and now I had to leave I got to my room and picked up all the bits off glass of the floor and smashed the rest and picked that up being careful not to cut my self I quickly covered the window frame with Sellotape I was digging around under my bed when suddenly I heard someone "hiya Ash" I jumped and hit my head "hiya and ow"
"Sorry what are you doing"
"My dad says where moving in 2 days"
"What that will be some birthday present you can't leave" what it's his birthday on the 13th must be.
"Why didn't you say?!"
"Dunno never crossed my mind lets go to mine now my mum shouted 10 minutest just before I came" I made my way to the window there was a ledge about 5 meters down I jumped and soon as I had I saw Niall jump as well he fell on top off me but I couldn't feel his weight I realised it was because he had quickly kneeled up and put his hands slightly above my shoulders I blushed at the awkward position we where in he got off me and held out his hand to help me up I gratefully accepted his help his eyes looked sad but I couldn't work out why I'd ask him later. We bum shuffled down to the fence jumped on to the bins and then jumped to the floor and pegged it to Niall's house we climbed the tree in his garden and walked along the branch on to his roof after we snuck in to bed room we had a minute to catch are breath Niall shut his curtains "dinners ready" his mum shouted
"Coming mum" I lead Ash down stairs I really wanted to ask her not to move and to move in with us we had a spare room and I'm sure my mum would agree once she new the whole story or she would call the police and I think her dad would be glad to get her out the way.
"Ash love are you okay" my mum asked I looked at Ash her eyes where puffy and a bruise was appearing on her head. "Yes thanks" my mum didnt look convinced
"She's moving" I blurted out "opps sorry Ash I didn't mean it just came out"
"It's fine honestly" my mum looked at her curiously
"Well my dad went on business and he said something about being court so sadly we have to move" my mum got up and got the paper she put it to the first page and pointed "is this your dad"
"Yes can we report him?" Ash asked
"Why would you want to do that to your dad"
"Well I um I er you see" Ash stared
"Ash do you want me to tell her for you" Ash nodded gratefully
"Mum Ashes dad abuses her badly even tried to rape her but she fully refused and the abuse got worse" I could see tears in Ashes and my mums eyes I went up to Ash and gave her a huge hug I could feel silent tears falling form her face
"Honey what's your address?" My mum asked her
"55 Wakefield road WVR J3DQ" I saw my mum go to the phone I continued to hold Ash tightly to me scared she would go if I let her go I felt my stomach rumble and she must have done too
"Nialler go get some food don't worry about me"
"I'm gonna go get some food but I am still worrying about you" I tell he Esme gave me a weak laugh and I dish up 3 plates of food.
A couple of minutes later my mum came in "Ash I told the police they said that they would get there as fast as possible I told them you where her so If they need you they know where you are"Ash smiled "thank you!"
"Do you have any family anywhere else"
"Yes in Japan but they all speak Japanese and I can't say a word in that language"
"Okay well you'll probably go in to care then" Ash nodded she didn't seem to upset with that "can't she stay her mum"
"No Nialler it's fine I'll go in the home ill get enough of you at school any way" she said
"She's right Niall we can't afford for her to live here but Ash your all ways welcome no matter what"
"Thank you Maura that means a lot"
We went in to silence I could hear sirens outside I think Ash could to because she tensed up. We finished are dinners while we where cleaning up there was a knock at the door
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