The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


26. End

Me and Niall have been going out for 3 years now and are still as happy as ever Chloe and Louis are married and expecting triplets, I had become really good friends with Liam every Friday when they weren't doing a concert we would have a movie night sometimes one off the lads would join us Niall came every other week with out fail they where a lot off fun as for me and Zayn we where style buddy's we would always go shopping together and we never got a hair cut with out consulting the other one first, me and Harry became close to we would play golf with Niall together in every country we went to, we both loved cats so we also bonded over that. Today was mine and Nialls 5 year anniversary he told me to meet him at Nandos, when I got there, I could only see his car in the car park that was weird normally it's packed I got out the car a black Toyota and walked up to the door, I went inside and saw Niall looking really nervous sat on a chair muttering encourage words to himself
"You okay?" I ask he literally jumped off the seat landing on the floor i laughed at him
"Hahhahahahaha yep I'm fine you look nice" I was wearing because Niall told me to wear a dress
"Thanks you too, do you know why it's empty here"
"Erm yer I rented it out"
We ordered are food while when we had done Niall picked up his napkin to wipe his mouth but dropped it by my foot so I picked it up when I got up I saw all the staff looking sad and Niall put on a fake smile
"Thanks love" "I'm just off to the loo" I nodded in response to him when he got back a waiter came to take our plates we where finishing our drinks when the lights went dim Sally came out holding a cake Sally is our main waiter here and she was like a mum to us. She tripped over and the cake landed on the floor she sent Niall a look that said sorry. He looked sad and I couldn't think why it was just a cake even if it was just a chocolate one,
Why? Is it because god is punishing me for some unknown reason? Is it because its not meant to be? Every attempt has gone wrong the napkin trick Louis used, the cake Zayn came up with when I rang the boys in the bath room I'd just have to find another way.
We went out Nando's back in to the car park "Niall where's my car"
"Oh um Liam picked it up"
"Okay Niall why are you so nervous and jumpy today"
"I'm not" he defended running his hand through his hair,
"Ha yes you are you ran your hand through your hand through your hair you okay so that when your nervous"
"Urg why do you know me so well"
"I'm skilled"
"I know you are"
"Haha so are you going to tell me then"
"Nope not yet you'll find out though hopefully soon"
"Okay I kiss his check and we go in to the car we pulled up at a lake called pugnes Niall went and rented out a canoe we rowed out to the middle off the lake, I couldn't help wondering why we where her but I kept my mouth shut this time.
"Ash you know I love you right" I nodded
"I decided awhile ago I never want to let you go" where the hell was this going
"I understand if you don't want to but Ash will you do me the honour off marrying me?" Wait is this actually happening or I'm I dreaming is Niall an idiot off course ill marry him I realise I hadn't replied to him yet I was to busy happy dancing In my head
Why wasn't she answering did she not like me that much it had been 3 minuets and she still hasn't answered I was about to prompt her when "OMG are you a actual idiot" great that's a no then "off course ill marry you" I smile the biggest smile ever i put the ring on her finger and kiss her when we pulled apart I lift her up and spun her around forgetting we where in the boat until we capsized we pulled the canoe the right way up gave each other A big hug and kissed before rowing back to the visitor Centre.
-----------------------------------line break------------------------------------
I watched as the most beautiful thing in the world walked to wards me as she reached me I was nervous but so happy we said our vows and Ash chase turned In to Ash Horan this was the best day off my life.
*one year later*
"I hate you Niall Horan" I yelled he laughed and held my hand I squeezed it so hard I'm surprised he still had circulation left in it. "Breath Ash" he said breathing heavily next to me I match my breathing to him this was one off the most pain full days off my life. Suddenly the midwife was congratulating Niall on something and I passed out. I flittered my eyes open, "hey Ash" Niall said softly
"Here's are little girl" he said passing me the most tiny cutest baby ever
I smiled and reached out for her
"What should we call her then olivia or Katie" I asked those where the two names we had thought off for a girl.
"Well I was 100% olivia but seen as you had to go through the pain you can pick"
"Katie Olivia Horan it is" I said smiling he laughed.
We got home and laid in bed,
"Be ready for the nights off your life"
"What you mean?"
"Katie she won't shut up for ages now"
"Haha I know we will take it in turns right" he asked sheepishly
"Off course"
"Ash I just wanted to say I love you so much your so beautiful"
"Thanks I wish I could say the same about you" I said laughing he gave me a playful shove and we silently laughed when we calmed down we snuggled up to one another I feel asleep realising I was the most luckiest girl in the world I had someone who loved me and was there for me and we had the rest off our life's ahead of us me Niall and Katie. I knew my life would be perfect from then on.
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