The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


8. Dream

"Hello"Maura said
"Is Ash here" I heard a man say in a soothing tone what did he want
"I'm here" I whispered coming up to the door
"We need to talk about your father love" the man said who was in a police uniform
"Okay are you in the police?" Idiot of course they are
"Yes i am are is there any where me and Ash can talk in privet mrs"
"Yes just go through there Ash dear we will be in the kitchen if you need us" Maura told me I nodded in response and made my way to there living room I sat on the black sofa and the police man sat on the red arm chair
"My names pc Potter" he said
"Well it says on our reports you have no English speaking relatives other then your dad is that correct?"
"Yes that's right"
"Okay well the local care home elm tree won't be ready for you till tomorrow so ill make sure it's okay for you to stay here if not you can go in the spare cell that's for officers don't worry it's just like a normal room"
I nodded
"Is there any thing else you ca think of that will help your dads case or help the defenders case" he asked me kindly
I nodded.
"What is it? Ash"
"He hurt me" the police office became more alert
" how like verbal physical or sexual and when was the last time and first time it happened"
"Umm all I guess he once tried to kiss me about 2 years ago but I stopped him and the physical all the time as well as the verbal from around 4 the last time it happened was a couple of hours ago he hit me on the head with a dictionary."
"Okay do you have any cuts that's obvious you didn't do your self"
"I think maybe across my shoulder blades it will still be there but I try not to look"
"Okay can you show me in the way you feel most comfortable"
I pulled of my cardie his eyes widened and in red arms I stood up and face the window so my back was too him and pulled my hands out my top and pulled it down a bit pullin the remainders around me covering my breasts the way the officer was looking at me I could tell the idiot marks where still there
"Okay well I think we have enough evidence I shall come tomorrow at 5 we will go to your old house pack and then ill take you to the care home" I nodded and pulled my top on.
I walked out the door and in to the kitchen the officer behind me "you okay?" Niall asked
"Yup you"
"Your the one just been interviewed and your asking if I'm okay" I nodded and he laughed come on let's go up stairs in the corner of my eyes I saw Maura and pc Potter talking
When we got to my room I have her her shopping "I over heard my mum agreeing you stay the night so put your onesie on and we can make a music video" I said
"Okay" we both quickly changed she went in the bathroom and I stayed in my room. "What song do you want to do"
"Any what can we do"
"To late you said any ill pick one" I tell her she laughed I opened video star on my phone started to make a new video to tear drops on my guitar I didn't bother changing the pitch or any thing It loaded and I place my phone on the windowsill "what song we doing then" Ash asked
"We my fair lady are doing tear drops on my guitar"
"That's perfect!"
We did the video I was Drew and she was Taylor Swift it wasn't appropriate to use stop motion but we bit use the mix effect so we could add shadows it took us an hour but the end it was really good. Ash decided to download it on to her phone with out buying any affects and we did another 4 videos to gangnam style, I knew you where trouble, whistle even on to superman but we just messed around for most of them my mum shouted us to go to bed I went to sleep on the floor "Niall what are you doing"
"Sleeping on the floor"
"Umm no ill sleep on the floor you go on the bed"
"Nah I'm okay here thanks" she sighed in defeat but then her face lit up and she curled up on the floor and fell asleep probably hoping I'd go on the bed haha wrong I gently picked her up and put her on the bed I heard her moan "Niall"
"Yes" but she never replied so I assumed she was sleep talking. I drifted off In to a deep sleep "Niall Niall Niall"
"What we have to go to school come on"
"Great we have a it test to day and miss fisher won't be happy I haven't revised"
"I'll try my best to help you now we gotta go"
"I'm coming Ash" we walked in to school I felt people pointing at me as perusal someone pushed me down and I cut the side of my face "oh my god Niall are you okay?"
"Yes I'm fine" Ash held out her hand to help me up
"Eww she's got Horan germs" Matthew tease I tensed up she walked over to him and wiped her hand all over his face "now we both do, one difference I dot care and you do" she snapped
"Why do you hang round with her Niall"
"Because unlike you she has a nice personality"
"Still don't see why you do I mean look at her why she wears a bra is beyond me" Matthew said
"I do for the same reason you wear boxers"
And with that she linked her arm through mine and lead me to a empty class room
"Why the hell did you put me through that if I never met you I wouldn't get bullied why did you sign up to be my buddy why were you born" she yelled I felt silent tears fall down my face and I shrugged
"Niall Niall answer me Niall Niall Niall"
I jolt up to see Ash poking me and saying my name "are you okay you where crying in your sleep"
"I'm fine just a bad dream"
"School and you"
"What did I do?"
"You yelled at me because people where mean to you because of me saying I shouldn't be born" she wrapped me into a hug
"Nialler that will never happen I know I've only known you like a 2 days but your like my best friend no ones ever been nice to me before you and your mum so I'm used to it and its there losses if they don't like you your amazing dont for get that"
"Thanks" she nodded un tangled herself and ordered me back to bed
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