The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


25. Dinner

I walked in and saw Percy laid on the bed in what look like a coma wait he was her cousin so she wasn't dating him I saw a tear trickle down her cheek, so I gave her my best Horan hug I absolutely hated seeing her cry I could her her sobbing in to my top we went to sit next to the bed see as there was only one seat Ash sat on my Lap and held Percy's hand muttering for him to wake up.

After about an hour Ash jumped up and Percy's eyes fluttered opened "Percy your okay"
"Right as rain"
"What happened?"
"I don't know really" he said weakly
"Hahah okay well Percy this is Nialll" Ash said introducing us
"Hey man" I say to Percy
"Hey Nialler I've heard a lot about you"
"All good things I hope"
"Ash can't think off any thing bad about you so yes all good" I felt my self blush and I could see Ash blushing as well
"Ash can I have a privet word with Niall"
"Sure" and she left the room to go find Percy's parents
"So do you like Ash?" Percy asked me
"Yep she's my best friend" I say even though I knew that's not what he meant
"No you know I meant like do you like like her"
"Umm well yes I do but I don't want to ruin our friendship if she doesn't like me back " I said blushing a smile appeared on Percy's face
"I think she likes you to man up and ask her"
"Yer okay I will" I got some unknown confidence herring Percy say that
so after I get kicked out off Percy's room I walk down the hall when I hear my name so I walk back down the hall to hear Percy laugh "No you know I meant like do you like like her" I heard Percy say I press my ear against the door hoping. the answer would be a yes "Umm well yes I do but I don't want to ruin our friendship if she doesn't like me back" I did a mini happy dance and screamed in my head I pressed my ear to the door again making sure they couldn't see me
I think she likes you to man up and ask her"
"Yer okay I will" they then started talking about boy stuff so I went to go find Sally and Paul (Percy's parents) to tell them he had woken up.
xxxxxxxx line break xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Me and Niall where at Pizza express he told me to get changed so I did in to "so I'm going to take you to see the other boys today" Niall told me I smiled
"Great I'd love to see your friends"
"Good they will love you!"
"Hahaha I hope so" we both ordered a large 4 seasons pizza seen as we had never had it before
"I'm so glad you eat a good amount Ash" Niall said I blushed
"Okay thanks?"
"No I mean its nice to see a girl who doesn't starve herself or look like she doesn't eat a lot in front of boys"
"Ahh I see glad I don't make you look like a pig"
"Hahhahahahah yup bang on" the pizzas can
"Your beautiful" I heard Niall breath under his breath
"Umm it's beautiful the pizza it's beautiful" I laugh at him
"Only you Nialll"
"Only me what?"
"Only you would call a pizza beautiful"
He blushed "well it is" I laugh though I wished he did say I was beautiful maybe they weren't talking about me in the hospital I wish they where though.
I blushed luckily she seemed to believe my lie about the pizza being beautiful
"So do you have a boyfriend," I ask praying she didn't
"Nope! How about you"
"Nahhhhh" I said smiling she smiled back at me,
"So do you think we should get louis and Chloe together so how?"
"Deffo she really likes him you can tell"
"Yer he likes her too" her phone went off and she read it and laughed
"WhAts so funny?"
"I don't think we need to get them together any more" she said handing me her phone I read the text from Chloe it said
ASH OMG LOUIS JUST KISS ME AND ASKED ME OUT!!!!!!!!! DNSKSSDNSJS I can't breath woo I'm so happy!!!!!! Has he asked you yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Love yahhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxx
"Has who asked you what?" I asked her she blushed
"Nothing" I wasn't going to let this drop but she called the waiter over and asked for the bill I quickly paid before she had the chance to get her money out. "Thanks I could have pay though" Ash said
"I know but my treat and I wanted to" she smiled we left the restaurant
"So who do you want to ask you something" I say when we where walking around the river near Pizza express
"Urhhhh I thought you'd let that drop already"
"Nahhhh is it a boy" I said in a teasing manner she blushed and shook her head
"Ooo it is isn't it tell me who" I said trying to joke with her even though inside I was torn
"No I will not"
"Urggg fine it was about a boy"
"Oo tell me more"
"No it will make thing awkward"
"Is it one off my band mates"
"Kinda you could say that"
"Well tell me who"
"I can't"
"Because what"
"I just can't"
"No such thing as can't" why won't she just tell me
"There is now"
"Give me one reason why you can't tell me"
"BECAUSE NIALL JAMES HORAN IT'S YOU CHLOE WAS ON ABOUT ITS ALWAYS BEEN YOU SINCE THE DAY I MET YOU THATS WHY I CLULDN T TELL YOU BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO RUIN ARE FRIENDSHIP" after that she ran off wow she liked me I then realised I should run after her so I set off calling her name as I ran begging her to wait when I caught up to her I grabbed her wrist and crashed my lips on hers, when we broke apart I whispered "be my princess Ash"
"I'll me your princess if you'll be my prince" she said smiling
"Humm deal" I said and kissed her again.
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