The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels



Here you go I don't think you'll like it but still I was Christmas and I had gotten Ash tickets to my xfactor audition and a necklace she had already given me my present it was a phone case and a top I was wearing it now it was a green polo top. She opened the card where the tickets where she read the front of the card that said happy Christmas Ash on it she smiled and opened it the tickets fell out she picked them up quickly read them over "ahhhh Niall thank youhhhhh I love it!!!!!!" She hugged me.
"Your welcome now please I can't breath"
"Sorry I'm just happy"
"Good now open this then" I say passing her my other gift she tore it open and opened the box she looked at the necklace and her smile went form small to huge. "Thank you Niall it beautiful" she put it on it was a silver butterfly
"Your welcome Ash" we walked in to the kitchen together
"STOP" my mum yelled
"What mum"
"Your under the Mistletoe"
Ash blushed and peck my cheek we went in to the kitchen and say down on the table Ash helped my mum dish up we said a quick pray because it was Christmas time and dug in I had a bit off every thing and so did Ash except the cabbage we pulled are crackers I won twice and Ash won none so I gave her my paper crown she thanked me and put it on when we finished are main we had cheese cake and ice cream me and Ash ate ours really quickly so we got brain freeze after we finished our meal we went in to the family room and all played a game off monopoly that Ash won Chris and my mum went to she the rest off the family so me and Ash stayed at home and played on my new video games but I think she was starting to get bored so I turned it off.
"So do you want to make a video star"
"Sure but can we do it on my phone please"
"Sure what song"
"We should do a christmassy song"
"Okay do you so do you have any"
"I have all I want for Christmas"
"We will do that then" we started making it.
I had bought a Christmas song so me and Niall could do I video to it if he hasn't brought it up though I would have done it with Chloe she really was a great friend we where like sisters I really liked Niall he nearly kissed me the day we went blowing why did Chloe have to ruin It?
"You ready" Niall asked
"Yup never readier"
We started the video when we had done we got a glass of water I was about to drink it when Niall scared me so water went every where. We quickly cleaned it up when Maura and Chris came home "hiya guys we have selection boxes for you both" we made are way to the living room
"Thank you you really didn't have to"
"Don't worry about it love I always wanted a girl"
"I heard that" Niall shouted from the bath room we laughed at him for a minute or two then there was a knock at the door
"That must be Greg" Maura said and went to answer the door Niall came in and sat next to me
"Woah Niall is this your girl friend" Niall blushed
"No Greg this is Ash she's my best friend"
I smiled at Greg
"Yo Ash I'm Greg"
"Hey Greg nice to met you"
"You too" he chucked a parcel at Niall
"Here you go mate I picked something out for you"
"Cheers Greg here that's for you" Niall said pointing to a parcel under the tree
"Thank buddy"
They opened their presents you should have seen it they both got the other the same scarf and hat set I burst out laughing
"What's so funny Ashy" Niall asked
I decided if she could call me Nialler I'd call her Ashy she didn't seen to mind
"You got each other the same thing"
"Oh yer we've been giving the other person this glove get for like 10 years now and it's never been opened"
"Ohh I get it now" she said I laughed
"Ash honey Katy rang you have to go back now Niall you can walk her back right?" My mum said Ash got up and said bye to every one we put are coats on and against my will she carried her bags to Elm tree "thank you for the best Christmas ever!!!!" I laughed at her she was so happy about every thing I was so happy that she didn't have her dad around any more.
"It's fine I had fun aswell"
"Good" we hugged goodbye and headed in separate ways.
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