The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


12. Care home

I walked up to the big red door Pc potter knocked I had my bags in my hands the door opened to a curly brown haired boy with blue sparkling eyes he looked about 29 "hello you must be Ash I'm Travis second head care worker here ill help you with your luggage" the man said taking my suitcases
"Thank you"
"Bye Ash I hope I see you again but like not because your in trouble" I laughed
"Me too bye" we shook hands and he walked away

"Come on ash your sharing a room with some one called Chloe Wilson"
"Okay" I followed him up the stair way the place seemed really quiet to quiet in fact "where is every one?"
"There watching a film Percy Jackson you heard off it?"
"Are you kidding me I live it honestly I can quote the book and film nearly by memory!"
"Ahh you'll definitely get on with Chloe then" I laugh I hoped I would Travis lead me in to A room "this is where you will be staying I looked around the walls where blue and there was 5 posters from Percy Jackson there was two single beds one dovay was white and had the letters wwpd written on it in black what would percy do the other had a trident I laughed silently this girl was obsessed there was a full length mirror that had a sea shell boarder around the edge the there was a large wardrobe that was pale blue and half of it was covered in photos and new paper clippings I didn't really look at them though there was blue curtains at the window on on off the walls in a darker shade off blue to the normal wall was a huge trident painted on "so do you like it you have half the wardrobe space and the owl bed as well as 3 draws in the cabinet"
"Yup it's nice"
"We'll just ask if you need any thing"
"Actually there is something do you have any wrapping paper?"
"Yes you start unpacking and ill get you some"
"Thank you" I went over to my bed and sat down it was so comfy it was memory foam. I got up and opened my bag I hung up some off my things in the wardrobe on the clear side when Travis came up "here you go" he said and passed me scissors and Sellotape "thanks Travis" he nodded I wrapped the present up quickly and put it in my bag. I looked up and saw Travis on his phone "do you,want to met the others?" Travis asked
"Sure!" We Walked down stairs and I took it all in there was lots off run the carpets in the hall where red "they're in there" Travis told me and I nodded and opened the white door
"Who the hell are you?" A girl with brown hair and blue extensions said
"I'm Ash Chase" I replied
"As in Annabeth Chase" a girl with short brown hair with a side fringe and freckles all over her face I guessed it was Chloe.
"No I'm not related to Annabeth but it is spelt the same"
"Oh okay I'm chloe" the girl said
"Chloe this is your new room mate"
"Okay now every one quite the films about to end" she said
"But we've already all seen it like 50 times!" The blue haired girl said
"Fine" Chloe said
"Right well I'll leave you lot to get to know each other"Travis said and he walked out the room
"How much you got on you" a boy asked me
"Nothing" I replied
"Why you here"
"Dads been put In prison" their faces went in to shock
"Do you like Percy Jackson" Chloe asked
"Yup!" She smiled the boy came up to me and went in to punch me just as his had was about to touch me I graded his hand and spun him round on to the floor.
"I'm Liam Mccan pleasure to meet you" he said smiling
"Back at you"
"I'm Sophie" the blue haired girl said
"I'm Helen" a girl said with blond hair told me
"I'm Rosie and this is Millie and Lilly" a girl told me pointing to two identical 3 year olds 6 more people introduced them selfs to me over all there was 13 off them Liam Sophie Tee Helen Lindsey Alex Kate Susana Millie Lilly Rosie Cathy Chloe, Travis came in Millie Rosie time for bed Lily got up and held there hands and walked them to what looked like upstairs. "Come on Ash ill help you unpack" Chloe said pulling me out off the room she walk over to my bags she put all my under ware in the draw by my bed she helped me hang up all my best clothes and handed me clothes to put in the draw she showed me where to put all my shoes (4 pairs) she told me the wifi password for my phone I put my books on a shelf and sat on the bed she sat opposite me
"Why is your dad in prison Ash"
"He sold illegal stuff and abused/tried to rape me"
"Oh my dads dead so is my mum"
"My mum died giving birth"
"So who's your favourite Percy Jackson charter?"
"Annabeth,Travis and Katie you"
"Katie, Travis, Nico"
"You like Tratie?"
"Oh my gods yes there soooo cute I read fan fictions all the time" I laugh
"It's so good to have a pjo fan around here all the others don't really like it at all"
"I know your the only one I've found that likes it"
We sat and talked about Percy Jackson school animals music we like for ages Travis popped his head round " Katy's here now be good ill see you tomorrow" Chloe nodded
"Who's Katy"
"A care worker here come on get your pjs out and you but your dirties in that hamper at the end off your bed"
"I'll go clean my teeth while you get changed" with that I was left alone I quickly changed in to my new onesie and but my current outfit in the hamper
"Are you done" I heard chloe yell knocking on the door
"Yes come in" I say opening the door
"I'll take you to the bathroom get your tooth brush" I went over to my bag and got it out
Chloe lead me down the hall she stopped at a door and pointed" in there" she told me
"Thanks" I went in locked the door and quickly went to the toilet I also cleaned my teeth and came out I made my way back to the bed room and knocked "come in"
I went in and went to the bed I was so tired "night Ash"
"Night Chloe" she turned the light off and I fell asleep.
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