The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


11. Car ride

Me and Niall made me a twitter account so I would fit in better at Elm tree if every one else had it, I had 5 followers so far most faces I recognised from around school bit I didn't know them. I followed them back and followed some famous people (Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Rick rioden so on) I also followed I also followed some Percy Jackson fan pages as well as Twilight and Harry Potter. I emptied Niall bag that he lent me and put its pervious content in my shopping bag, I got all my things together and had a slice off toast and we sat down to watch a bit of doctor who what I had never actually seen before but was really good! About half way in to a new episode the police man arrived "hiya Ash we gonna go pack now" i nodded I said good bye to Niall promising to meet him out side school in the morning we rode in the car to my house I got my key out and let the police man come in my rooms upstairs when we got to the room my suitcase was still on the bed from my dad telling me to pack I quickly stuffed all my clothes and shoes in I only had one proper bag so I put all my books and phone charger I went to my dads room took a all his spare money and suitcase and brought it to my room where the police man stood "please can you check this Is all real I don't want to spend it and it be faked"
"Sure love"
I packed the rest of my thing "here you go it's all real there's about £200 pounds there"
"Thanks before we go to the care home would it be okay if I got my only friend Niall a birthday present"
"Sure it shouldn't be a problem where ahead of time any ways"
Pc potter helped me get my luggage in the boot of the police car and we set off to god knows where. The car stopped and I looked out side we where at the Asda "Ash you go in quickly I'm just going to fill the car up with some more petrol ill meet you her"
"Okay thanks" I ran in to the Asda and went to the music section I got the Justin Bieber album believe and I then went to go get him some chocolate I decide to get him a bag of lindors seen as they where on special offer I got two packets one for him and one for the rest of the home I got him a birthday card and quickly paid with the money I got off my dads dressing table and made my way out off the shop I could see the police mans car coming towards me so I walked towards it when it stopped I got in the passages seat and we made our way to Elm tree house..
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