The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


13. Birthdays

I woke up to the sound of an alarm it was my phone and Chloe's going off at the same time I quickly turned mine off and go out off bed I walked over to the wardrobe and selected my clothes for the bag I chose my blue and red checked shirt and blue jeans "morning" I heard Chloe groan I smiled at her I laid my clothes on the bed and got some under ware out "no looking Chloe I can't be bothered going out the the room and you don't seem to want to get out off bed"
"okay" she said as she rolled over I quickly got changed and brushed my hair I heard a women yell breakfast in 10 "chloe you better get up" she rolled out off bed she went up to the wardrobe and pulled out a grey jumper with geek written on it in black and some black legging she brushed hair parting her fringe side ways we made are way down stairs there was toast on the table and a selection of cereals "hiya I'm Katy you must be ash" a women said to me she had black straight hair and was wearing a baggy white top and black jeans she had a little make up on "hey Katy"
"Help your self to any thing" I smiled I grabbed a slice off toast and a glass off water and sat down next to Chloe no one talked at breakfast I guess they weren't morning people "Ash come here a minute" Katy called me I went over seen as I'd finished "what school do you go to?" She asked
" Coláiste Mhuire"
"You wouldn't have a year ago"
"Ah it use to be a all boy school"
"Right well some days we won't be able to give you a lift to and from school"
"That's fine"
"Okay well we will need your phone number and you must be home at around 6 for tea unless you ring to say your not having it here then you have to be back by 8"
"Okay" i got a bit off paper off the desk and wrote my number on it " here's my number" I said giving it to her
"Thanks love go get ready now were setting off in 10" I nodded and went upstairs cleaned my teeth I put on my black combat boots and quickly put my pe shorts and white top in my bag along with by white all stars and made my way down stairs I sat on the sofa next to Sophie she was wearing a grey baggy top brown army trousers and black trainers and sliver hoop earrings
"Hi sleep well?" She asked
"Yep you"
And that was it for conversation we where quickly joined by the others Katy came "right every one in the van" we all got up and made are way to the white van I sat at the back next to chloe we told each other funny story's when the van stopped "Ash, out" Katy yelled I looked out the window we where at my school "bye" I said to chloe and got out the car I walked to the gate to be greeted by Niall
"Happy birthday Nialler" I said as I reached him and gave him a huge hug
"I've got you something" I said rummaging through my bag
"You didn't have to"
"Well I did" I say giving him his card and present he opened them
"Thanks Ash!" He said and started to open the chocolates offering me one I accepted
"It's fine"
We made our way to maths "just to warn you I'm brilliant at maths so if you can keep up" Niall shrugged he was wearing a red top and white jeans and looked really good "yer I think it will be you not keeping up with me sorry" I say laughing
Maths was interesting only me and ash answered any questions we where competing against each other she was really good at it especially mental maths but wasn't as good at the long hand working out I was opposite so we worked well together
In business Ash wasn't the best she wouldn't voluntarily answer the questions but worked through the case study pretty well.
------skip to music------
We where told to go to any instrument and have a play around seem as we had a supply teacher Ash dragged me by the hand to the guitars I felt jolts of electricity go down my arm she sat down and I sat next to her I was about to pick up a guitar but she bet me to it "wait then you can play I want to show you something put don't laugh"
"Okay I promise I won't" she picked up the guitar
"I can't sing at all so"
"It's fine I can sing for you."
"NO" she shouted getting a few weird looks "sorry you can't you'll see why soon" okay I wondered what it was I held my hands up in surrender she laughed but then turned really serious like she was remembering something she pulled a few strings on the guitar then she started playing happy birthday and sung it softly she was a horrible singer but she wasn't the best "I know it wasn't very good I came to learn it at break sorry about leaving you to do it and stuff"
"It's fine I'm well Impressed this is honestly the best birthday I've ever had" she smiled her gorgeous smile "well I had a great teacher"
"What can I say" she burst out laughing we messed about she played the keyboard and I played the guitar singing along quietly so on she could hear. Until the bell rung signalling lunch we got up and walked over to the cafe " ill meet you at the table okay" I tell her she nodded and we went to go get our food when I got back to the table she was already the fiddling with a sandwich packet I put my pasta on the table she looked up and smile sat me she opened her sandwich and I dug in to my pasta when we had both done we put are rubbish in the bins and Ash went to the toilet and I waited for her when she came out we went to the sports hall and waited out side we talked and she gave me birthday beats until crowds of people came as well as are teachers "boys with me girls with miss diamond" mr Martin yelled we went are separate ways agreeing to meet at the entrance to the spots hall when we got to the changing room sir told us we would be doing cross country with the girls great I could show of to Ash I quickly got changed and put on my tracky top on I made ,y way outside I could see Ash in her shorts showing off her skinny toned legs she had a white top that was a bit baggy on her she had her hair in a side pony she looked really uncomfortable I wasn't sure why but as I headed over I heard people whispering about her "hey do you want to borrow my jacket"
She nodded "thanks Nialler" I could see tears at her eyes I gave it to her it was a huge on her but she still pulled it off "3,2,1 GO" every one set off running me and Ash where in the lead we got over took by Harry, Max and Jacob the school athletes during are first lap and kept getting over took by Ellie but we would then over take her the whole way round by the end off a 3 laps I was pretty much dead me and Ash came in joint fourth followed by Ellie we gt sent to the changing rooms to get changed being told we had the rest off the day off
"Good race Horan"
"Not bad yourself Chase"
"Thanks for lending me your jacket" she said giving it back to me
"No problemo"
We went to get changed and met outside we walked out off school and went to the local park we shared a giant swing and shared my chocolates I got off ash then we did another video star we checked the time 5 "I'd better get going now Niall hope you have a great birthday met in the same place tomorrow?"
"Thank you and see you there" we hugged and both walked to our homes
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