The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


1. Introduction

Ashes pov

I woke up to the sound of my alarm coming through my head phones as not to wake my father. Father some father he was alright until he got a new job doing god knows what. After that he got stressed beyond belief, the job promotion he got last week, meant we had to move from Wakefield to Mullingar.
I sat up and a sharp pain went through my pain head I shut my eyes I tried to remember why it hurt so much.
************Flash back*************
"Yes father" I respond to my dads screams
"Get me so dinner I'm hungrey get me it before the game starts in a hour" he ordered
"Okay but you will need to give me some money to buy food we're all out" I say hesatintly scared of his reaction
"Use your birthday money you got some off your relatives didn't you why they would want to send money on you is a wonder to me but any way" great just great I only got £60 and I'd already spent £10 on his beer it was meant to be for me not him.
"Fine ill be back in 10 minutes" I said as if he would even care
"What ever just get me my DINNER" he demanded shouting the ending
__________________________at the supermarket_____________________________________
I ran round only getting the necessary products, pasta, vegetables, cereal, bread and tins I did the maths quickly in head £36. £14 left I went and bought some sale foundation, and eyeliner still having £2.50 left I bought 2 bars of chocolate for the way home and school tomorrow. I grabbed my bags after paying and gave the 30p change to the children's hospital charity. And walked out and threw the carrier bags, in the back of the my black ford and went back home. Quickly cooking pasta for 2 with a vegetable sauce and went in to the living room my dad had now set up the 32" tv on a wooden board resting on the white walls there is a picture filled with black squares in a mathematical pattern oppersit it. My dad was sat on the white corner sofa a 7 seater and 2 square puffy shairs. All his tv schedules stripper magazines and football books covered the glass coffee table. I made a silent pray he would notice food was 5 minutes late.
"What have you got to say for your self" my dad yelled at me
"S-sorry the was traffic and I.." I start until I was cut off by a slap on my cheek coursing me to drop my dads plate I didn't bother bringing mine in he wouldn't let me eat with him any ways.
I bite back a sob "I'm sory"
"NO YOUR NOT" and he punched me in the stomache coursing me to fall on to the coffee table the glass smashed,I got cuts all over my body blood trickling out off them I staggered to my feet but my dad just pushed me down and grabbed my neck and legs and wiped up the food mess on the floor with my body after he had roughly attempted cleaned the food up he let go and ordered me to bed I staggered off thankful it was a paper plate and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
*********************flash back ended***************
I groaned and stood up agter having a quick I got ready pulling on my black jeans and black stort sleeved top that had loads of tiny violet flowers over it I but on my black flats and gray hoodie. I pulled my waist length brown hair in to a high pony tail and went down stairs I ate my weetabixs in 3 minutes flat I must have been hungrey! I applied minimum amount of make up trying to cover my black eye. And pulled my empty 5 year old black shoulder bag and made my way to school.
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