The girl with The dream the thought it wouldn't be true

A girl named Jenny moved to london to get away from drama everywhere around her. She came to discover her dream to be a superstar. Why london? Why not? it was her favorite place in the whole world. She used to live there but then she moved to Miami. Now she's back living on her own but will her dream come true or will someone distract her?


4. wow


i started falling asleep with my headphones on so i just put my blanket on top of me before i doze into my dream.


When i woke up i see Harry next to me. Is that a shirtless Harry? i look under the shirtless covers and I found out that he is but naked. SEXY MAN ON THE LOOSE!!! oh i hear him waking up ill pertend to fall asleep.


I had a great nap, I dreamt about Jenny she was in paris with me and it was amazing. although after i woke up i got a little hot so i took off the covers. next to me i saw jenny sleeping she was an angel.

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