The girl with The dream the thought it wouldn't be true

A girl named Jenny moved to london to get away from drama everywhere around her. She came to discover her dream to be a superstar. Why london? Why not? it was her favorite place in the whole world. She used to live there but then she moved to Miami. Now she's back living on her own but will her dream come true or will someone distract her?


2. packing

The hot breeze and the moisture in the air is killing me, it ruins my blonde soft hair. I can't take it anymore I'm moving out of here. there is to much drama in Miami, school drama, home, public, driving. i need to be relaxed by the people who i love. Yea yea I know I love my family that I live with it's just that i miss so many people back in England. I guess I'm still home sick. All my friends tell me to get over it because I'm almost 19 and my home sickness has been going on since i was 16. I'm such a baby. I'm an adult now and my mom can't stop me, she can't controll my life anymore. I grabbed my bags from my closet I scattered around in my closet to find the best clothes I have. I turned on my laptop after and bought the soonest plane ticket to England. I stuffed my suit case and my bags and i was ready to go. I just needed to tell my mom. I should i just keep it a secret? i was confused i didn't know what to do. To get my mind off of things i went to take a shower. i put my hair in a shower cap and jumped in. I sarted to sing a little. " It's got to be youuuuuu! Only you!!!" i was a bad singer but who cares. After i finished taking a shower i realized if i went to London i could do so many things like go shopping eating my favorite food. and last but not least GOING TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!! i have to go i have to or I'll die not literally.

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