The girl with The dream the thought it wouldn't be true

A girl named Jenny moved to london to get away from drama everywhere around her. She came to discover her dream to be a superstar. Why london? Why not? it was her favorite place in the whole world. She used to live there but then she moved to Miami. Now she's back living on her own but will her dream come true or will someone distract her?


5. love


we arrived at the hotel already when i have already met all the boys. i thought Harry was the cutest. but we already had our lunch date so now it was the love part. 


now that we had a perfect date it was time to fall asleep when we got in bed i leaned in to iss her. we smacked our lips together passionatley. But she wanted more so i gave it to her.


i took her shirt off while she took my pants off we stripped full naked. and then I put it in her. She moaned and it was amazing. She touched it then i moaned. We felt amazing. then i put it in harder. FUCK ME HARDER!!!! she said. I will w fucked all night. Whenn we finished we took a shower to get clean from or cumming. we had sex again in the shower now wet we felt horny. moaning and groaning like animals. Jenny loved it.

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