The girl with The dream the thought it wouldn't be true

A girl named Jenny moved to london to get away from drama everywhere around her. She came to discover her dream to be a superstar. Why london? Why not? it was her favorite place in the whole world. She used to live there but then she moved to Miami. Now she's back living on her own but will her dream come true or will someone distract her?


3. leaving

i was now getting ready for bed and i was thinking of my plan. Yawn! i'm getting to tired. I thought of going to bed now to get my bueaty sleep.


It's morning now and my mom is already at work so this is going to be the perfect time to go to the airport i thought. I hopped out of bed and went to get ready. hmmmm i slipped on a cute pink top a white cardagain some kinny jeans and my pink toms. how causual and cute am I? i brushed my blonde hair in strokes and put it up into a sock bun.


I'm on the plane now heading to my seat. I walk to eat ohh a window seat yes!! i sit down in the seat and put my headphones on a listen to some One Direction and read a magazine about One Direction. a couple minutes later i see the back of a tall guy and curls. i ask myself could it be? no! Then i saw him coming over to sit next to me. I was like OMG NO WAY!


I think i just saw the prettiest girl in the world! wow! i thought to myself I'm going to work my flirty magic on her. i walk over to her and sit down next to her. I'm about to talk to her but she's staring at me like she's just seen a gohst. I paused but then i told myself to get to know her better. So i tell hi! my name is Harry whats yours? she paused and said " hi my name is Jenny nice to meet you Harry."wow she is really nice. She spoke again saying i think your really cute do you wantt to go out sometime maybe to for lunch after the flight. That was suppost to be my line i was suppost to ask her out but who caes i have a date. i sayed yes and the she minded her own buisness. but i saw her phone and she was listening to our new album. then i fell asleep

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