So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


4. We Made It!!


I got ready for school again! tommorw was my bday so much going on!! Gemma And Lottie are invite and some kids from school! Im cant believe im trying 16! Ya I Walked out side to lottie talking to a older boy who looked like louis Tomlinson? "Lottis WHo IS That!'' I say worried. The Boy Ran away ''hmm noone! some dude that stalks my and annoys the fuck out of me!:D'' lottie say with out a studdler? ''oh."" i say grining we got to schoool ran into the office and Gemma Bet up there! she was crying with tears of joy! "I made it I Finally made something!'' Me and lottie looked at each other then ran to the list!'' "OMG I MADE IT" lottie screams! ''I did to?'' us 3 jumped up and down?


Best day ever I Made the Soccer cheer Team Yaaa(: Me and Jaclyn and Gemma are going to make great cheerleaders! "we are going to be awesome!'' Isay ''Yesh.''Gemma Says! "Yaa!" jaclyn says!


I made the cheer team! y familys going to be proud! Im not just a goody goody! im going to be a popualr cheerleader! "FUCK I FEEL ON FIRE?" I screamed  lottie and jaclyn just looked at me crazy! ''Gemma Calm down!'' Jaclyn say rubbing my shoulder!

Jaclyn Pov

OMg Im Now A CheerLeader at lincon High Priavte School! Im totally going to be popular!Not Just the New girl! My bday party is tommorw and this is te great peresnt ever!! That anyschool i went to gave me! I got home for school No one home! i gues this week couldnt get any better! I Cook My Peanut Butter on a stick and berad and had chocolate mik to drink! At 5:30 pm im getting my cheer out fit to wear nexts money for a pep rally YESH!


Me and mia And Harry went to hoesy to get my cheer outfit fitted and take it home! it was DARK DARK Blue and white! it was so pretty ! then lottie and that boy she said walked in the same place! She saw me and "to late" she whispersd under heer beathe! my mouth dropped when louis tomlison was lotties brother! "lottie you lied to me about your brother" I didnt want you to freak!'' "i could of handle it but you didnt trusted me!" I did but i just didnt want to tellyou" "lottie you are my best freind you cant keep serects!' im sorry!'' I looked at her and grabed my cheer outfit and left! I Was Boiling red i didnt want to be missed with


i got home and slam the door the ran up the stairs! "UGHH I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE!" i screamed! "whats the point of having a bff if there not going to tell you everything! My secound day of school was bad! "jaclyn can we talk!" harry says "what harry im not in the mood! sitting up from my beed "Hmm well lottie is so sorry she didnt tell u" if your going to talk about this just leave" harry grabed me "No....Your NOT and I Mean NOT ruin yourfriendship!" "Ow Harry your hurting me!" "MIA" i yelled harry pushed me and i fell to the floor Mia ran in!"whats going on!'' "Harry What did you do to my sister!" A tear came from my eyes! "Im sorry i wa talking to her about lottie and i kinda got mad and pushed her!'' Harry thats my sister" Mia left the room! Harry looked at me! ''Please dont cry in sorry!'' "get away from me!""harry left! and im still on the floor! I got out of my clothes and went to bed!

A/N Thanks guys for reading if you are one direction is coming up!!:D YESH!

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