So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


5. Sweet 16!!:)

Today Is Thrusday!! Ya My Sweet 16! I didnt wear my school uniform cause it is my bday and i could wear what ever i wanted i wore my 1d Shirt Red and White there faces in a heart Black pants and my glitter toms! I went dont stairs and ate my Breakfast! "Happy Birthday My Dorkie Twin Little Sister!" Mia says so Happy "Thanks" i say with me face stuffed! "Icant believe your 16" Me either" Mom and dadd then walked down stairs "Happy Birthday Sweetie!" They Both said "thanks.'' I walked Out side to school Lottie ad GEmma Out side waiting.Gemma Has One Hand On her Hip! "Hurry BIRTHDAY girl" Gemma Said! "Thanks Girly!" "hmm Gemma Can i Please talked to Lottie Alone! Please" "sure"


"Hmmm Lottie I am sorry for flipping out on you for not till me who your brother was?" "I know i wanted to tell you!" "I Know You didnt want to tell me" Ya Will yOu Forgive me" ""yess" we both hugged and ran up to Gemma! "so Is Everything ok'' ya we both said giggleing!'' "OMG your going to LOVE my pesernt i got you !" "mine to" Gemma and Lottie Both Said! "Guys You didnt have to" i say! "i bet you party is going to be aawesome!" "Yea I hope!" "My parent are setting up the stuff!" "really" yesh


Yesh! Me and Jaclyn are bffs Again! i felt bad i keep louis a secret from her! Oh well she forgives me! I Cant wait for her Party i Know Everything that is going on!YAA And then With its mias bday Gemma and Jaclyn are sleep over my house Friday Saturday and Sunday!


Jaclyn sweet teen is going to be off the top! Me and lottie Know everything thats happening tonight! her party is going to be on MTV ! Haha she so rich! I Love having as a Bff And TOmmorw we are have to where are cheerleading outfits!

JAclyns POV

we got into 1st everyone sang happy bday! i was so red! thhis hot boy who looked like justin bieber kissedme on the cheek in music i brought my phone out listening to rock me By 1D  every class i had wished me happy birthday!


Me and Gemma And Lottie had to stay after school for cheer practice! we did a birthday cheer! I turned very red! after half a hour is was 3:15 gemma lottie and me ran home! there was arrows point in the direction to follow i read they last one in i was in my room! "dear Love, Get Your bday dress on the cross zerba one!" Love Mom dady and mia! i put the my dress on it was so pretty! i ran to the bathroom sing and spinning i applyed my make up and strighted my hair i was soo pretty i took pciture and posted them on faceboook so alll my friends could see ! I got tons of bday from my old firends back in Cailforna ! i exited off and locked my iphone i got a text from a blocked number at 5:00! i walked down stairs everything was dark! I flicked the lights on "SURPRISE" everyone screamed! I Coverd my mouth!"OMG you guys" "I Love you"

We stared to dance and everything ! Haha I got my cake 3 Layers zebra print in lime green pink and blue with glitter editable! i sat in the living room in the royal chair everyone got me a gift it got to gemma! i open Gemma gift It was i 500 dollars to the mall and i signed photo of 1D! i cryed then Lottie gave me her gift! i opened it I SCREAMED me ass off! "Lottie You Didnt! she got my 1D Cell phone Numbers!:D Then i Got Mias Gift! "this is not a trick like last time!" "no i got in really bad trouble at that." she stuck her tounge at me! i Opened "MIA NO YOU DIDNT !" She got me 1D Tickets VIP and Backkstages Passes VIP!! OMG!' I gave mia a tight hug!


i got my mom and dads gift i open the box and it was a piece of paper "YOU HAVE BEEN ACCPETED TO THE XFACTOR 2013!" Omg im going on xfactor! "Hon,Before you get tired and you firends leave this is from Me mia and Daddy! The lights went off....and The spot lights we had in the livivng room pointed to the wall! all i heard was"Are ready to rock Jaclyn" A irish voice said! I guesss the light turned on and one direction was in my living room i started to cry!:D  that sang half of the take me home album 1


Everyone went home Gemma and Lottie are still here i got to hang out with one direction the rest of the night niall liam and zayn slept over and louis and harry went home! Me and niall talk the whole night laughing and getting to know each other!.......


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