So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


10. Sorry):

As we were kissing i was staring to think....."Niall I Cant" i said pushing off of me! ""why whats Wrong!" he said worried "Its not you! Its...Just Im 16 and your 19!" "So we are 3years apart!" he said trying to kisss myy neck! i pushed him! "Niall ou dont get it do you! You just like Harry Ttrying to sleep with mia!" i said yelling as i put my cshirt back on and rushed down stair! Niall wasnt far behind me!

"Jaclyn Look Mine sorry!" He said as i sa a tear stream down his face! "what going on?" louis and iam said at the same time! "Nothing!" Niall said  Luis Looked at me and hugged me! "Jaclyn what did niall do!" lou said "Nothing Just everyone leave me alone as i broke Zayns favorite pair of sun-glasses! everyone ran in! "WTF MY GLASSES!" "JACLYN!" zayn yelled pissed! "zayn i didnt mean iti didnt see them there!" i say crying! I ran out the door with out looking back!

I got in my car i got for my 16th birthday! i droveoff didnt know where i was going! 'Ugh  hate my life!! every since my party my life dropped! i just wanted to crash into a tree!" i thought without looking at the rode!i look at my window i was crashed into another car! i lookd aroung to see police and newpeople and etc! now there hink i tried to kil me self but i didnt i wasnt payin any attetio to the rode!

after all my thught i passed out! 5 mins later was getting tooking out off my car tovthe hospatial!


i cant belive she left me and broke zayns glasses sh was so pissed he calm down me and the lads where in the kitchen and mia was watching tv!! "NOOOOOOOOOO?!! Mia sreacmed crying! "Mia whats going on!" i said! harry was cuddleing her but sh was bursting out in tears!! she pointed at the tv! lim turned it up! "Ya Pop star Mia Motana Sister Jaclyn Montana was In a Cruel Car Crash Just Moments ago!" the lady said n tv! I looked at mia and aall the lad there mouth open tears down there faces i was crying to! "Also she was passed out n her car 5 min later she was tooken to Lakebury Hospatial!" the lady contuined


Lottie And her Faimly And Gemma and her Family Bursted though the door! " we watched the news!" They yelled i could tell the where cryng! Every one love jaclyn you cant change her she family and so sweet to us!! and everything! we all got ready to go seee jaclyn! I felt so bad for Mia he couldnt mov or do anything


Nooo my sister is in the hospatial!!! What happen! I cryed mre thinkng and think about her i couldnt help but cry!


WTF i hear My girlfirend in tears on the floor! we looked at the tv jaclyn got in a car crash! We all cryed eerone loves her!


we rushed tothe hospatial to see Jaclyn! They Said we had to wait 25 mins! I freaked out! "Lady do you know who i am! Im NIALL JAMES HORAN! and that my GF in there i WANt tosee her now!" i srecamed at the lady! She look frighten! "Niall calm down" zayn says patting my shoulder evryoe got in a group hugged and prayed her her to be ok as we all cryed togeter!


A/N Sorry for all themissed spelled words i have Auto~Correct! and it changes the words! so ya comment wht you think ~JH!~

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