So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


3. New School!

When i woke uo the next moring i got ready for my new school. got my new school uniform on. then i heard yelling from down stairs.....''HARRY HOW COULD YOU?'' Mia screamed at harry! ''ITS NOT MY FAULT'' he yelled back ''whats going on?'' i ask nicely! they both looked at me! ''You Jaclyn Its You!!'' Mia Said! ''What the fuck did i do?'' i say giving a look! harry shock his head at me and mia walk away! ''I'll tell you later when it the right time?'' hary says into my ear!


I walked out said to see lottie and gemma wait to walk with me to school on my first day!! i made new friends! ''Hey!" they both said at the same time. we started to talk and walk they told me al the rule of the school and blah blah blah! ''Well lets see you have me and 4 class and lottie in 6 class and two of them we have all togther!'' Gemma Stated ''haha ok thanks Gemma'' i say giggleing she smiles and walks faster. when i walk into te school halway i see cheerleaders putting up tryout signs and the boys passing a football! everyone stop and look at me saying" she so pretty and ''damn she fine'' Omg i love her shoes'' i was laughing


Omg everyones Jaclyn not that her sister is famous but she so fucking pretty!! im glad we were best friends i have her im all my classes this is going to be a great first day for her!!''Jaclyn'' i said ''Yesh?''She says with her adorable british accent ''ok she when the teacher calls roll shell ask did i for get anyon you rasie your hand and yes yes me!!'' i stated to her?''Ok i got it.'' she says scard ''dont be worried verything ok from what you have been getting in the hallway!'' i say making a joke! ''i think im going to get raped at this school? we both laughed and took our sits!

Gemmas POV

lottie told me jaclyn was getting good statments! i guess her first day is going great so far..........


wow i love this school! Lottie and i are staying after school for cheer tryouts i hope er make it! So first period was great i told everyone who i was they seem to like me for my sister the boys keep asking about her!! and me gemma and lottie sat together at lunch i had a salad  my first day was awesome then last period came it was math! ugh the girl in there was so mean to me i didnt o anything to her she like thats my sit so i got and she talk about me the whole time in class the bell rang we meet Gemma at the flag pole and walked across the street!''SO how was you first day!'' Gemma say with exictment ''i guess it was alright''i say ''she worried that savannah hates her for sitting in her sit!'' lottie says madly gemma shock her head and left!


me and Lottie got change for cheer tryouts! we both wore the same thing..we lined up and did the sratches! we got up and learn the cheer chant and dance! we had to perform it in front of the judges. i went 3rd to last then lottie! after the tryout me and lottie ran to our locker to get our stuff and leave! "they''ll post the team tommorw in the office '' lottis says out of breathe! "GEMMA" we both say ''What are you doing here!'' ''Hmm nothing i tryout for cheer!'' "you did'" Yaaa! after that if i make it i would be on the soccer team dance team volleyball team and then cheer team if i make it!

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