So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


2. New House New World(:

I Woke up the next moring to start my day off by buying tan paint with the family to paint the house the way it was before we painted it.after we got the paint i walked off while everyone weent there differnt ways in wal-mart i walk to the 1D alley looking at the new stuff i can buy with my money! i got a tap on my shoulder ''I didnt know you where a fan of One Direction.'' giggled harry ''and i knew you for 2 years!'' ''Yahh there alot of stuff you dont know about me.'' i said rolliing my eyes trying to walk away! harry grabbed my hand and i freaked! ''why do you hate me?'' ''you always acted a jerkaround me?''' i looked at him the all round ''I dont hate you, Its....Just.....hmmm idk?'' i say he gives me the puppy dog face and we walk to the benches in the frount! ''tell me what i did wrong!'' ''You change my sister and we never hang out anymore and its weird having you over my house when im in LOVE with one direction!!'' i say starting to tear up!! ''i dont know how i changed her and stuff but i love my fan but mostly you.'' he brings me into a tight hug my Iphone4 started to ring "where are you love?'' a text from my mom ''comming.''' texting back ''well harry nice talking to you you probablyhae to get back to Mia." ''ya.""

Harrys POV

Wow that talk with jaclyn changed me i hope im not falling in love with my gf sister i cant!! niall seen pic of her and called dibs!! i cant break a dib! and she was about to 16 in 4 day and i still have to buy her something then mia s bday 2 days after hers im so confused!

Mias POV

Jaclyns be a bit weird over harry she need to get over the fact we are dating ughhh twin sister this days!! "Harry!!'' i yelld for him he put his hand over my eyes and kissed me ''What Love?'' he said with his husky british accent!! ''I need help my Jaclyn love 1D and i need tickets and backstage passes and you have to give her speacial treat ment?''  harry wided his eyes!! ''Ill try if paul lets me."' i shook my head and kiss him hard!


We just arrived at the new house the outside look so amazyning !! me and mias mouth dipped with mom open the big frount door of the house!! we walk inside the biggest place i ever seen! the kitchen was big with a counter in the middle of it marble top the living relly bigg,the back you was big with a pool and hot tub we ran to see our rroms up stairs my was bigger then the one i had before! "Girls" my dad yelled from down stairs ''So how is it ababes"" "Great we both yelled" "guess what jaclyn'' what mom'' lots of famous live down the road and block'' ''ilike who"" idk Harry and mia are going to take you to met them!!''


we got all the boxes in were the need to go we had our bed and other furture in the house in place(: i got to my room i started to hang my clothes in my closet (walk in ) i put my other clothes in the dresser my room was sparkley pink. i put my 1d AND jB POSTER UP and then put my carpets down i had my room finishe and went down starts to help unpack.........................


we got done unpacking everything and painting everything! mia and harry took me to meet the famous people! harry family live two house down from us i met Gemma who just turned 16 last month she was so pretty! then across the street was a girl named lottie and her sister felcicty and twins sister! they had a brothe but wouldnt tell me his name weird! we walked back home and went to bed at 10;00 at night


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