So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


9. Months

After Mine ad Mias Party everything has changed!! One Direction Became more of my brothers then being my favorite band! Lottie and Liam are Dating! Zan and Gemma are hitting off! And Me and Niall have Bee Dating for 3 months now!! its been Awesome!

i Called everyone to see if the wanted to met up at Nandos nd stay the week over at me and nialls Flat of course Gemma and Lottie Live us and there men! and Mia and Harry Have a Flat Right across the street and Louis and Eleanor live 1 house down from us!So we can all still see each other! i told them to meet at Nandos at 3:30 and it was 10!


Me Lottie and gemma were in my room changeing into our bikins! Liam Zayn and Niall where in liam Room Change in to the swim suits! We were going to go out back into the pool! Everyone got changed! we finally went in the pool after niall made him a snack! ahah i love him!


When we got out there we sat our towels with our names on it where we sat! an i sat in the midde and niall sat next to me! i put my IPhone 4s on the table that niall got my for our annverisry! (it was white) (with a case of his faceon it) liam zayn and niall and gemma got in the pool while me and lottie caughted up on our tans! "ahhh relaxsing by the pool is great!" lottie says "I know And then you get a sun-burn! i said ! we did our handshake!



Made a snack got in the pool got a little Upset when my girlfriend didnt get in the Pool! Finally After 5 to 10 mins she finally got in the pool and so did lottie! we slapsh eah ovr played Chicken! i took JAclyn to the steps and when talk then it lead to Makeing out! a long 6mins kiss! we looked at the other the where kissing to !


A 6min Kiss from Niall! was lovely!! Everyone else was kissing i heard my phone ring! i got out to get it! ~LouBear: We Are At Nandos Where Are YAll At?~ I Replayed On Our way amost donecanging~ I yelled "GUYS GET OUT WE HAVE TO GET DRESSED!!" everyone ran out the Pool  everyone got change at quick as they couls i wore my I<3 Niall Shirt with Demin shorts an my Glitter grey TOMS ! Lottie wore her I <3 Liam! with Black skinny jeans nd white sparkley BOBS! And Gema Wore I <3 Zayn! with her Pink Demin shorts with Plain black TOMS! Liam Wore a black shirtwith jeans and zayn wore a blue shirt the say "YOLO" and NialL wore his jack wills

we finally arrived at Nandos! i seen the guys inside! Waving at us! We sat down and took our order about 2 mins we got our drinks and then after 8 mins with got our food! Louis and harry where making jokes about everything and it was funny!

I finally got ahold of my mom and dad they moved back to californa! and let me stay wit my boyfriend! I really miss them and so did Mia! Me andmia gemma andlottie where goin to have a girls 3day out! and the boyswould to the am we planned it that min at nandos!


after we at it was about 7:45 we got home me and nial went to bed as lotti and liam watched toystory and zayn ad gemma went for a walk!as i alked up stairs i was change "Niall?"" "What!" "knock next time!" "haha you think i havet seenyou naked your funny!" "that was only once shut up about it! i changed into his sweats and he shirt! We watch titanic andit got to the sex senec we and niall look at each other and started to makeout and nialls hand was going up my shirt rubbing my stomach and sides!

A/N Sorry if its short its 10 oclock here and i have to go church tomorw! so ya love yall! ~JaclynHoran~


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