So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


8. Mia's Party!

ya! Mias party still not invitie!! i was still over at lottie! i check my facebook and twitter! On FaceBook I Had 50+ nofication! half of them"happy Birthday! and the others are nic andruce comment aabout the Pictures with the lads and Justin Bieber! Me and the lads are best friends!!  Then i got OMFG the worst i got the most RUDEST comments ever! just for being friens with one direction!!! I tweeted "Why are you directioner so hatefull you should be quilty for saying shit like that! Why cant be help for the lads!! IM JUST THERE FRIEND nothing else! i sent the tweet my phone blow up with retweets comments the worst one was this one "You ugly Bitch!! I happy for the lads!!! I JUSTDONT LIKE YOU! yo ugly and a whoe and i dont have to listen to you!!!" i felt a tear down my face! I Got tageed in Lottie gemma mias justin And lads tweeter saying " Hey Girl dont let the fans get to you!! We love you as you! The fans hve no right for wha they say! loveyou babe" that tweet blow up! there was just awful comment and really swet ones! I logged out in ttears!


i Was still crying i was crying into harry chest! You cuddleed me as he understand how i felt! "I understand Jaclyn just shhh plase stop crying!" "I dont understand why im getting hate!" i say still crying "Idk im sorry,love" he says The the boys ran in! "is she ok!" liam asked "She crying in harrys chest what do you think?' lou says with sass! "Im Fine! Can i just be by my self with lottie and gemma Please?" They got up and lef but gemma and lottie! the hugged me tight "Its ok Jaclyn we get the samethingfor being there sister!" Lottied said! ""Ya It hurts?" we Hugged and they started to cry wen the memories came bak to themm


I Ranup staris pushing everyoneout of the way! My Life was crying over hate! i ran intoher room iseen her crying into harrys chest! My heart Drop to my feet when i seen her crying that hard! I just wanted to hold her tight! I ran down stairs to mia! "Mia can i talkto you!" "Ya Sure Niall!" "hmm what are we goin to do about jaclyn!" "Idk i never een her cry that much even if she my sisteri never sseen hr like that!'' I have a idea!" i said!"what niall tell me!"

Your partys starts at 5:30 Rigth"

"Rigght" sh said

We need her to come to your party and have the famous people that love her (Everyon) cheer her up"

"Great idea Niall!"


Me Lottie Gemma Got Ready! Gemma wore....,r:18,s:100,i:58&tx=76&ty=-49

And Lotttie Wore...........,r:17,s:100,i:55&biw=136


Mia Wore......................,r:21,s:100,i:67&biw=1366&bih=503

I Wore...................,r:70,s:100,i:214&tx=36&ty=-188


My sister looked so beautiful! iwish i invite her to my other partys im gald niall came up with this plan everyone knows but her! We walked down stairs and walked to my house everyone is supposed to be there! we walked in Lottie thn Gemma then Me then Jaclyn we all herad "ahh and ohhs" from everyone liam took lottie Zayn Took Gemma Harrry Took Me an NiallTook Jaclyn! Then Louis Took Eleanor! My BEst Everyone was there my #3 best firends(Perries Eleanor Danielle!) (Btw Liam and Danielle arent dating in this one!)

Jaclyns Pov!

My dress was so pretty!  Niall took me by the hand! and lead me to the chair nexts  to mia! He kissed me lighty and we WERENT dating! i seen justin,Ross,Cody,ETC it was a fun party! my favorite was..when everyone told me not to let fans get to me and kisses and other stuff!! About 11:30 everyone started to leave! iwent up stairs to change in my bikin to go into the hot tub i got in i saw niall in there! he smiled at me as i got in!!


"Hey Niall what are you doing out here?" i say giggleing "I wanted to relax! and it just got better" we laughed! "Hey jaclyn..." "yah Niall?'' i look at him he looks at me he has Ocean blue Eyes! I could just swim in them! "it hard for me to say this but,..." "But What? i said Worried! "Ok Jaclyn Marie Montana I Love You! ever since i saw that picture of you with mia nd harry! i called dibs b4 anyone did!" he said! I was so shock i cryed tears of joy! "Niall Really Youmean it!"" "I do! So would you go out with me!" "Yes i would love to!" we cuddled  in the hot tub! and i fell asleep on him! How Could Mias Party b my betnice evera!!!

A/N  you guys are going to like the next part after chapter 9!!!!

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