So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


7. Lazy Day?

 Atfer 15mins of true or dare!...which was werid for me lottie and gemma! Niall kissed me and then Liam kissed Lottie Gemma sat there withe makeup all over her face!! i was over at lottie till tuesday!! no school monday! Yaya! and today is friday 10:00pm! Gemma was in the bathroom trying to get the make up off!! so Tonight we where going to have a lazy day! we went in the kitchen to get junk food! quitey cause the twin were sleeping on the couch and her mom was at work!


Me gemma and lottie where so hyper! we had soda tea candy frosting and ETC!we were bounceing off the walls! louis cam in to see what we were doing "whats going on in here?'' louis says all tuff! "nothing?'' i said "We were just danceing!!" lottie lied he turned her head and we giggled ! Gemma Run up to Louis "Can i Have a hug you so protective!" gemma says ''Sure Love!"lou says happy! th elean in hugging each other and lou turns around with a "KICKME sign'' on his back we hold the laugh in till we didnt see him when he left we bursted out with laugher !


Me and Gemma and Jaclyn Pranked my Brother!! We heard him say "Oww" from down stairs i guess one ofthe boys kicked him we locked the door so he wouldnt come in and kill us! "That was so Funny" i say turning red Their still Laugh! Jaclyn Took a breath" Ya Ikr!!" he is so easy to get with a hug"


I walked in lotties run to see how things going i get a hug from gemma and the nexts thing i know im getting kick! I took the sign off and putt it onzayn after i relized the hand writing! i thought to myself "it was Jaclyn!!" i ran up stairs to a lock door! HA got them red Handed! "Lottie open this door right now!" i heard them gasp! she finally open the door after 10mins ! I ran rightin and tickled jaclyn! she laughing! "Get off of my stripey!!" se says giggleing then i ran and pick up Gemma and locked her inthe closet! then Pick Lottie up of  herfeet swing her! "Put My Down You ass!! " Lotte yelled "ONE DIRECTION WENEED YOUR HELP!" Jaclyn yelled! The lads came up laught "What the problem!" anit-stripes it attckingus!! After 5mins of that The Girls we Out!"

THE NEXT DAY! (Jaclyns Pov!)

woke up at 7 girls still sleeping i walked down stairs quiety i see alll the lads sleeping on the floor but Niall he was awake in the kitchen? "Hunrgy?" i said he turns around "Ya kinda" he said with guilt! "You look beautiful this moring?"he said unstuffing his mouth! I started to blush! "Hmm think Niall! how sweet!" i say getting some  water! "So are ougoing to your sister party!" he said "Ha No i wast invited!" i sayrolling my eyes "What?" he says! "thats why im here with lottie and gemma!" i say weird "Really i wanted you to come! so we can get to know each other! " i had wide is nial leans over the counter on the other side! hold my hands "well my sister nvm invite to her partys just when we were little!" he looks sad "You know what when harry get up im telling him to talk to mia to letyou go!" "no niall alots of famous people are going to be there and im gonna freak!" "so your going and so is lottie and Gemma!


as she walked backup stair i couldnt help but stare at her we had a great talk! I really wish she cold go to he party! So imm going to have harry Make Mia! "Guys Wake up" i started to kick them the moaned! "i got a pan and spoon and startes to hit them togetehr then they got up

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