So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


6. Day With 1D!!

After my awesome party! i got the BEST gift from my family! i got the whole dy with one direction! Yaya! I thought to myself "why One day" why not a week" maybe even more" "Jaclyn what are you thinking bout" harry syd Laughing "I really dont know!"everyone just looked at me as i ate a orange! "So Lottie and Gemma Is there something you want to tell Jaclyn!" Mia Said! i gave them a What-the-fuck-look! "Oh yea!" lottie says "well the lads tour just ened!'' Gemma Said "So!!" i say with sass ''we got another louis in the house!" Niall yelled out! everyone laughed "That means the boy are coming homeharry at his house louisat his house and niall liam zayn and paul across the street from your house!" Lottie Stated my mouth dropped. mia hit my mouth up!


"Jaclyn Get Dress!" Mia Yelled From her Room! "You guys to Lottie and Gemma! " Mia yelled! Today is friday! "why!" We al Yelled! "Cause Its Your 1d Day!" Niall Says Look so Fine!(: "Omg I forgot about that! I Ran in the bathroom got my demin shorts on and harrys JackWills Shirt he gave me and my glitter toms! then a starighten me hair! got my makeup done and i was ready!! "We Need To Start Heading Out!" paul Yelled Down stairs with me parent! I ran down stairs and grabbed my vera Bradley Cross bag and my Iphone 4s and Money! "Have Fun Sweetie." my mum said! "Ok"!! Wow my life change since i moved here! I have a Famous Twin Sister 2 Bff Related to One direction harry styles and louis tomlinson!


We all went to the mall shopping and then we went to the iceskating rink i was holding niall the whole time! It was such a fail! Then when we were skating zayn tripped niall and fell on my Niall was on top of me! We had eye Connection! till Harry help niall up! i was thinking "Was Niall About To Kiss me! Lottie and Gemma got on the sides on me and pulled me in skating with them!(;  when we got done we took our skates off and got into the car and went to nandos!! When we got there few fans and reports where there taking pictures! So Of Them Ask me alot of question! I got pulled by...Louis!! We sat a table for 10! we order our drink and stuff ! We talked made jokes! ahaha Good Times!


We got our food everyone stuffed there face like they haent ated in forevera! i was eat and  i notice Niall Keep Staring at me! "Hmm Niall Do I Have Something on my Face!" i ask him and everyone looking at us1 "No Love You just Look So Beautiful under the Light! the lads Whistles and the girls went "aww" i started to blush! we finished eating more fans outside of nandos!Niall Took my hand pulling me to the car we all got there safely!


OMG what was think! I Looked a jaclyn and couldnt think of Anything to say!1 "You Look Beautiful under the light!! " WTF Niall What was i thinking She probably hates me now!! Ugh! I really like her and tells us so much stuff about her! and shes nothing like mia! i thought twins were the same! But No Jaclyn and Mia!


Omg Jaclyn and Niall are so cute togther!! Ahhhhh "We should hoook them up" Liam says! "we should!" Gemma added" "But Niall doesnt know her that much!" "She has a point Gemma!" Liam says Gemma Rolls her eyes! "Wel Lets Start!"


The Lads and GEmma and Lottie and Mia and me Sat in the living room playing Truth or dare! and the parent of the lads and paul where in the Hot tub! "I Dare Niall To Kiss Jaclyn for 30 Sec?" Lou Said Giggleing Niall Leaned over and kiss me for #30Sec I have to say he was good! "Hmmm Ok.'' Lottie I Dare you to Kiss Liam On the Check!" i dare her to do 1 Lottie turned red! Instead Liam Kissed her!!

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