So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


20. Chapter19


I woke up on in a white room guessing it was the hospitiaal! im head really hurted and my legs and arms hurted to! than the nurse walked  in looking aound and fixing things.

"Mrs Montana you awake!" she said

I just looked at her and she gave me a smile from her ear to ear!

"How are you feeling?" she asked me coming up to me grabbing my arm looking at it and my legs.

"Hmm Im ok i guess,is there anyone here to see me?" i asked her rubbing my head

"Oh Yes, i almost forgot! there are alots of people out there even One Direction and Mia Montana" she said giggling i giggled with her.

"haha Ya Harry Styles is dating my sister Mia montana and im dating~" i got cutted off by the nurse

"Yah Niall Horan!""my daughter loves him and you!" sh said smiling''

"aww Thats so sweet!" i said

"I just send your friends in!" she said walking out the room I Got up so i cn be ready for all the hugging and kissing! that why i was in a HUGE room cause they all were here to seeme Duh!!!

So i stood ther waiting for them to come in the room! Heard footsteps and talking and crying from outside the room than the door opens with a big boom! and eveyone ran in!

"JACLYN" Everyone yelled shouting running toward me a i was standing up in a middle of the hugging group! I starte to crying think i was the best family!


My PrincessShes Ok! But she has so many bruises from "HIM"

"Omg bbe i missed you are you ok!"" i asked her

"Yes i am fine! i took her intoa big HORAN HUG and a kiss on her soft small lips and she kissed back

i picked her up and sat her on the bed and told us all what happen and i was in pieces and the cameron dude seemed nice i need to met him!


"move its My turn!" i said pushing niall away!

"Best-Frand i missed you!" i said hugging her and tering up! we both did

"i missed you to Thanksfor saving me. Im lucky to have a bestfriend like you!" she said and we hugged each other i was so hppy!

"For now on we ae walking together!" i said

"That would be great!" she said


"Jaclyn Omg! i just heard im so sorry I missed yoU!" i said

"I missed you to!"She said as i hugged her and squeezed her

"I swear he is dead when i see him again!" i said she laughed

"You should how saw niall face when he seen that dude take you on his shoulder!" i said she looks at niall and niall glanced at me!


I walked up to her it was my fault! Toby was my bestfriend! and he liked her so much and i hooked them up! i knew i shoudnt of have! Big  mistake!

"Jackie,Im so sorry its all my fault!" i said looking in her eyes

"Koby! Its not your fault!" she said huggiing me!

"Yes it is,i shouldnt of hooked you guys up! if i knew this was going to happen!" i said crying

"Koby you didnt know it was going to happen!"" she said

"Your My Baby sister and im your older brother im supposed to take care of you and keep you safe but i failed!" i yelled!

"I know that koby just please stop! I love you to! Your my family i care for you do! Now stop it or i will slap you sillly! She giggles and so did i! I love seeing her happy which makes me happen!(:


After Hugs and kisses, i got to go home! Wheni got home me and niall watch tv for alittle while Lottie and koby went out on a date god knows where! 4more days till there tour starts and im going to miss them cause i cant go but they ll promied to call skype and facetime me!

"Babe" niall said coming from the kitchen sittting next to me on the couch

"Yes My  Irish cookie!" i said pecking him n the cheek!

"Im bored can we go do something i cantstay here all day!" he said felling on the floor rolling on the ground while i giggled at him...he got up and started tickling me!

"Ok stop how about we goto the beach! I need a tan!" i said as he threw me on his shoulder!

"Niall!" i said laughing! Gemma took a picture ofus on nialls phone!

"Go get ready" he said throwing me on the bed and he left! I ran to my closet. i put on my pink and lime green striped bikin on.

Niall was already ready and he had our towels and snacks ready to go after a few mins. We finally left we started walking half way there you wont believe what i saw...niall didnt see he was doing something on his phone. When i saw it i wanted to throw up! IT couldnt be true it was funny and nasty! i got my phone outand recorded it! Oh how i love sweet sweet Revenge!!


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