So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


19. Chapter18:$


After the finished raping me they put me back in they dark room i was inthe first time! I remember i hid my phone before they took me out t rape me! igot my iphone5 out i texted lottie with my free hand hope i dont get cought!


"Lottie help me!"

Omg Jaclyn! Where are you? are you ok!?whaat did they do to yoU!

"Yes im fine they beated me and hmmm raped me!"

"What Omg I swear He would do that! Where are you!"

"Idk I think careon toby or evans house!"

"Ok We are oming! be safe Figth back please! ill call your Stepdad the police caption! Dont worrry we are coing to get you!"

"Ok please thanks i love you hurry!"

"i will love you to!"


i but my phone in my back pocket and the door open to camreon!

"What do you want more!" i said

"No Im ssorry!" he said

"Its fine!" i said

"No its Not Listen i didnt want to o that to you if i didnt they will kill me and a bautiful girl like you should been in this mess and btw im helping yoou! he said whispering

"What Really No way!'' i said shocked

He nodded

"Ok then tell me where i am and untie me!"i said

"YOur in tobys basement!" he said untieing me! "and nice phone!" he said he mad me laugh

Hes not that bad i kinda cool and i can trust him! he took my phone out my pocket and but his number so we can hang out!

"Thanks" i said to him as he is getting up closing the door!

"Wait!" i yelled

"What?" he said turning aroudn to me and bendin down I gave him akiss on the cheek i could till he was blushing!

"please keep helping me!" i said

"I will i promise!"he said smiling and closing te door behind him! i got out my phone and text lottie again

"hey im in tobys basement!"
"Ok we are like a min. away! we have the swap and your stepdad and etc

"The swap"

"ya then been trying to get toby and his gang for years!"

No not Camreon i have to help him!! he cant go to jail hes so great of a person e cant goto jail!

"Omg Ok"

i put it back in my pants and i heard sreaming and banging uo stairs wherethey ae atT the are here yes im outta here!

Suddenly thedoor in the room i was in swung open tby threw me over his should!! and ran up stairs

"Put my down toby!" i yelled hitting him in the back!

"Shut the fuckup! You Bitch!!" he said hitting me! the swap hit the door down and toby evan and camreon all ran out the back down with me sill on his shoulder!

Next thing i knew was i was on the ground  and niall on top of toby puncing him and kicking him and zayn and liam tying to get him off and i seen the evan and toby beening hand cuffit!

"Wait cmeron didnt do anything dad let him go please! he a goo kid!" i said trying to get him free

they let cameron go and put evan and toby in the back seat! then i fell to the floor and fainted heaing people running and callingmy name!


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