So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


17. Chapter16{:


Afer Jaclyn seen me with koby saturday shes probably madat me for not telling her! I should of told her!

"Lottie wheres Jaclyn" Gemma said taping me on the shoulder

"I dont Know!" i said

"Its that last week of school till we graduate!" she said wihispering!

"I know!" "Its her First week missing! a school day!" i answered

I got out my phone and texted my bortherlouis to see if he knows anything!

"hey you know where jaclyn is"i sent the Text


"No why She not at School?" he replyed


"Well i will ask niall!' he sent to me

""Please thanks god louis Im so Worried!" i replyed to him!

"Lottie are you sitting down!" she texted me

"Yes Why?"

"She Got Kidnapped The People across the street called niall about it!"

"WHAT" i screamed and looked around as the class looking atmelike i killed somone!

"Mrs.Tomlinsonn! is there a problem!" said Mrs Heart the math teacher

I shook my head and sat back down and thena started to cry a little "Who would take my bestfriend!" i though to myself!


Gemma taped me on the shoulderagain

"Whats going on?' SHe asked  still was crying so i looked at her then my phone back at her and text ouis to come get us!

"Lou come get us NOW!" i sent it

"all ready here!" he replyed

I told gemma everything she started crying and flipping out!

Mrs Styles and Mrs Tommo, You are being checked out!" Mrs Heart said!

We got up and packed our things! wenoddled nd left once we got to the halll we ran to the office!


We left school with louis! I seen Picture of Jacyn everywhere cause she was missing! I hope she ok! Who would take her with out letting us know they well! I Was so mad...Wait till i get my hands on the asshole who took my Friend is died there ass is grass!

We got to Harry and Mias Flat! everyone was there  MIa koby And Niall All in tears i guesskoby does cry Lottie en to hug her boyfriend!

"Mia Should you know where jaclyn is yal are twins!" Zayn and liam said

"No put i keep getting pains like there hurting her and -- Mia Got cut off by felling on the floorin pain~ Harry Rushed to her!

"what ever they are doing to Jaclyn is Affecting mia like they are hiting her to!"" Liam Stated!


OMG! I just been Kidnappd by Toby(my ex) I was walking...BAM...a bag was over my head!. I couldnt really see! I just saw a litte of his face!

"Let me the fuck go toby!" i yelled

SHUT IS BITCH!" he said hitting me.


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