So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


16. Chapter15-.-

"You and Koby Are Dating and you didnt tell me!" i said in shock.

"Jaclyn you said you wouldnt Freak out!" she said hittting me in the arm."besides he asked me out.!" she added "I didnt want to hurt is fells!" she added again.

"So...Y'all Are dating!" i said sounding about to cry.

"I Guess... I really dont know he just asked me to lunch?" she said noddling

"Thank God...If he did that woukd be werid. Cause My Sister and hes My slave!" i said making us laugh!

We finished talking and i was eating her chicken and koby saw me he noddled and took his phone out. And than Lottie phone buzzed...Ishot koby a "bitch you hurt my bestie ill break your face asshole" look. Even though we are the same age and hes 1 month older than me!

"I guess he doesnt want me here,that evil stepbrother! so i guess ill leave bye lottie!" i said with my head down! Now my Koby is going to change lottie and she'll hate me! and So on!

"Bye Jacyn Im sorry!" she said hugging me

I sat back down with niall he was still eatiing.I was kinda up Set..that MY BEST-FRIEND, didnt tell me that she was dating m step-brother...Ugh

"Whats Wrong?" niall asked looking up at me.

"Lottie and Koby are dating now!" i said putting my headon the table!

"wow Really!" he said surprised!

I just Shocked my head.Then My phone my phone buzzed,It was a Blocked number...who could that be?

"Jaclyn" i said into the phone

"Hows the Food Babe..." someone said in a dark voice. My eyes Widened

"Who is This!" i said

"Dont worry about it keep eatting caue it might be the last time you ever eat or hang out wit Lottie orNiall Again." the voice said

"What?""Leave me alone!" i said to the person!

Whoever that wa on the other line was going to kill me so i hung up quickly. i got really scard! So I bused out in tears....Thoughs were going through my head.."Im goin to die" ""who wuld kill me"..."someOne help me?"

"Jaclyn Whts going on!" Niall yelled huggingme. I was still Crying..I dropped my phone an ran out of the place


Whats going FUCK is going on? I grabbed jaclyns phone and read the msges and vociemall that the unknown person left jaclyn on her phone...who would send that to my Princess.I ran after her and i couldnt find her..anywhere... So i kept looking and i finally found her in a alley way crying!

"Babe its going to be all right Im Here Dont worry!" i said protecting her in a Horan hug!

DAY LATER(jaclyns pov)

The bos were at the sudio recording before they went on tour in 3 weeks.I wanted to go but paul wouldnt let me But Mia went casue remember that fight harry and her had before we moed to london Well her never told me!

"Harry can I talk to you please..? i said to him as he was about to si next to Mia.

"Sure,Loveee!" he said following me!

"Remember tha fight you had mia had..before we moved!" i said sitting and he sat next to me!

"Oh yea that?" he sais rubbing his legs

"What Happen" i said looking at him

"Well on Mia's birthday she wanted that Real pink diamond tiara.I couldnt get it cause Honey Boo Boo Got the last one!" He stated

"Yes and!" i said

"So i gave her something good!" he said with a smirk on his face

"Harry you fucked mia!" i said standing up about to slap him!

"Yesh but shhh Let me finish!" he said pulling me down!

"Ok Go on!" i said calmin down!

"So Like A Week ago we found out that so Prego!" he said!

My mouth dropped and i started to cry and Harrry was hugging me.I didnt Know if i should be happy,Sad ,glad hat im going to be a aunt...i just didnt know! I was just shocked!

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