So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


14. Chapter14<3


After my moms got married,she went on a honeymoon trip with my step-dad(bob). They Went to a 2 week tripto Paris! I was living with niall Now! Lottie and Gemma Live with us, and Next door Mia an Harry The other side of us Zayn louis and Liam! We Still Got to live by each other! So happy!

"So Princess what do you want to do today?" Niall Asked me!

"Hmm I dontreally Know,How about Skating?" I answer kissing him.

I Ran Up stairs to our room to take a quik shower,finally got out and let my curls flow out! I put on my Mrs.Horan T-shirt Niall got me formy 17th Birthday! I put is on with my White shorts and grey toms ready to go!After i Got done niall came running up behind me to get dress! "Niall Have you seen my Phone!'" i yelled so he could hear me! "I have no idea?'' I heared from up stairs. I looked for my I Phone5. After 5 Mins i finally found it under the coffee table!

"What Are you doing Snowflake and mittens." i said talking to the bunny i have and niall cat! Mittens and Snow flake play with eac other all the time.i Picked snowflake up putting her in her cgae as niall fell down the stairs as i laugh and fel on the floor in tears from laug at my werid boyfriend!

"Ready" he said getting up

"Yeah,lets go!" i said smiling at him!

He kissed me on the cheek and we alked out said hand in hand till we got the the car! He open the door for me like a man! haha He got in and put the car in drive he than put his and on my knee!


  We finally go in the skating rink.The line was long and so many fans were pushing Jaclyn away from me! We had the people work there Pushs the fans back so that we could get in!We got our skate and sat down to put them on Jaclyn Seen a bunch of her friends from school! they where taking pictures, I was to with fans!

"Jaclyn Can you hold my and so you dont fall!" i asked her like a hero she giggled and took my hand and we went skating around the rink for a little and ten we played the games hey had going on with was fun! "wow Jaclyns a really good skater!" i thought to myself as i fell on the floor!

"NIALL?" jaclyn yelled "Are You ok" as she got on th floor ti help me up!

"yeh i just fell think of you babe!" i said playing with her hair. she started to lush and kissed me on the lips, they were so soft. i felt my cheeks got hotter.

"So jaclyn do you want to go to the photo booth and take pics?" i said looking at her. "sure." she said taking my hand leading the way the the photo booth!

We got to chose a frame! "Close you eyes?" I said she looked at me weird! she obey. I put "Jaclyn + Niall Forever!" on the bottom of it. "Ok Open?" i said smiling. She opened her eyes and coverd her mouth. "aww Niall I  Lov you to babe!" she said to me and hugging. We took 4 photo. One for her an one for me!

We went back skating. I was Sitting waiting for jaclyn to get out of the ladys room. I looked that way and Saw 3 Boy surrounding her. SO i skated as fasted as i could to her.

"Get The Fuck Off of me! i heard her say as i came up!

"whats Going on?" I said looking at her with a tear in her hazel-blue eyes

"Nothing Shamrock!" on of the boys said to me pushing me out the way!

"yea Bitch!" the other boy said!

"Come on Niall lets go!" she said taking my head as she still cried! I was so mad!

"What Slut! Im back here to get what i wanted!" Toby said

Toby her ex boyfriend! OH hell nah! "No leave her alone she with me so back off,rat! i said as i got even madder!

Then they pushed me and i fell on the ground as they laughed at me. They Painful Grab Jaclyn by her arms Carrying her to the boys bathroom.Before i knew it she punched him in the face andhe fell to thefloor and she skated towards me!

"Babe are yu ok!" she said crying!

"Yes Im Fine!" i said getting up.

"Lets Leaveand get something to eat" she said  I noddled and we quickly skated o the sits and hurried to get them off and put our shoes on! We could see  Toby and his Gang behind him We Left and had gotten to a chinse place to eat!



I had fun with niall tonight expect my ex boyfriend trying to Rape me! SO than we ate! 5 mins into eatting i seen lottie! "Is that lottie niall!"i said He turned around to look! "yea Thats her!" he said going bak to eat.

I walked over there to her and her "date" went to the bathroom, I didnt get to look at him that good!

"Lottie!" i said

"Jaclyn,What are you doing here!" she said hugging me!

"Me and Niall Are On a Date..(: i said to her

"Oh." she said

"what are you doing here?' i said looking at her!

"I-I-Im on a date!" she said stuttering

"With who?" i said giggleing and she blushed

"Dont get mad when itell yoU!" she said holding my hands!

"Promise!" i said

"Ok Its Koby!" she said looking away from me and my mouth dropped! my step-brother! Ewwww I justed looked at her No way she dating my Step-brother!....


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