So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


13. Chapter13:*

After veryone walked in koby got off of me and ran to the food! I got up! And I walked to Niall! "What Happen With You And KOby!" he ask. "You told us to get along and we did he tackled me!" I said Giggling...."Oh thats great will heres y'alls Nandos!" Niall Said. I grab th nandos from his hands he laughs.

"whens the wedding?" Louis Asked

"hmm I have no idea!" i answer

"She Supposed to text me the detail!" mia says as she eating a apple. everything go slient! "Lets go swimming!" liam Yelled. "Sure." everyone aid at the same time. I walked up stairs andmy phone started to buzz!

"Hello" i said answering the phone

"Hey Chick!!" Lottie and Gemma said in the phone

"Whats up!?" I sid getting my bikin out.

"what are you doing today!" gemma asked

"Hmm Im going Swimming with Mia and The Lads..Why?" i said looking in the mirror

"just wondering We coming over to!" Lottie said

"Ok See ya loves You!" i said

"BYE" Gemma and lottie yelled in thephone

I hung up my iphone5 Niall brought me for a gift on our 5 date! i changed into me bikin it was Pink and had zebra stripes on it! "Come On Jaclyn Your So Slow!" Mia Yelled "Ok SHUT UP IM COMING!" i yelled back.. I walked down stairs and i feel a pair of hand on my waist! "You Look Hot!" Niall whispered in my ear! "You to!" i whispered back! suddenly there was a knock at the door.."I got It!" i said . as i walk to the door..

I Open the door to Lottie And Gemma! "come in" they came in.. we finaly got into the pool we swam around,Throwg eachover into the water After so much fun the lads and Ma where still in the pool> Me Lottie And Gemma Got out and dried and got tans! I sat in the middle right side was gemma Left side was lottie! "ahhh its feels so good!" Gemma said "I know right!" lottie said. I Sat there quietly i Felt eyes on me. "Jaclyn Whats wrong!" gemma said as lottie looked at me! "Nothing!" i said holding the tears back! "Yes there is whats wrong!" Lottie said hitting me! "Im just worried!" i said Sitting up! "About what" Gemma and Lottie said at the same time! "about the wedding What if something goes wrongI hate to see my mom hurt agaiN!" i said crying "Hey Dont Cry! its going to be ok!" they said engulfing me into a hug!


I went up to my room while everyon is stilll swaming! I Got Changed. And got on my laptop and grab mmy gutiar and song book! "Hey Guys I Have another Great song for Yall!?" i said to the camara. I started to sing the song. We i finished cloed the video with a "thanks." I turned around to see Niall Leaning on the Door. "Niall You Scard me!"I said Brushing my hair "Sorry but that was great..Why didnt you tell me you can sing!" he said all happy! "Really thanks,AndCause imA shy person when it comes to Singing!" i said hitting him with a pillow! "Babe That was great I love you and you should sing the song with us Friday..At Ellens SShow when we perform!" he said lying nxt to me on my bed! "I dont know Niall i might get stage fright!" i said looking into his blue eyes and he kissed me on the forehead and i feel asleep!


So today my moms wedding! We got a plane back to New York! Where they live now! Everyone was here Lou's Family, Harry's Mom and step-dad,Liams Mom ,Zayns Mom,and Nialls Family! also Koby! "Ok here the schdule!" mom said "Boys well go with Kobys dad! And Girls Will come with me!" she said handing out papers. We all left. Lottie and Gemma Were happy that me Her mia nd gemma we the briaadsmiads and the boy were the other thing!"Im so happy for your Mom Jaclyn!" LOttie sid "Ya i know!" gemma said "Yup!" i answer We finally got to the Wedding dress place my mom picked out Very little light pink  dress with a grey belt! We tryed them on and kept them on till the wedding!


So it the wedding time! "So Everyone got the plan!" kobys dad said! "Your probably Confused hen we get into the wedding alley we are going to dance coming in! "Ready GO!" my stepdad yelled The Music began. the boy dance in first the mia then lottie and gemma the koby and me! Tommo Twins where the flower girls! "My sisters are so cute!" louis Said Whipping the tears awway! so the wedding slowed down and got to the  I DO part! "Here it goes" i whispered to lottie and she smirk! "Mrs.Montana do you take Mr.Ryan As your Hubby!" the Man said "I Do." my mom said "Mr.Ryan Do you take Mrs.Montana as your Wife!"" "I Do!" my step-dad said! "You may now kiss the bride!" they kissed and i started to cry! Im so happy for my mom! Its Great Having her start Fresh!



A/N Sorry If its not good!): I tried! But hope you like it Sorry i havent update in awhile i have been busy! But Ya!



TWITTER: @JaclynMarieLuhh

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