So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


26. Chapter 25

I got to lotties house that night ran to the couch and cried my eyes out i never said that to Koby i have but i didnt meann those times but this time i really meant it! He ruined my life i cant have friends with out him dating any of them!

"Jaclyn its Ok.!" Lottie said patting my back

"Its just its him he makes me lose my friends and they start shit with me cause of him!" i said still crying

"I will NEVER do that and you know it its his fault!" lottie said

"Calm down..Jaclyn We are Besties we arent turning on each other!" Gemma said i sat up looking out the window.I Swear i saw something! I shot up to the screen door and saw a figure!

"Lottie theirs someone out there!"" i was scard  they ran over to where i was and saw the figure to! Big mouth Gemma open the door and yelled

"Hey Who Are you get out of here Now!" Gemma yelled it was ike 9 oclock at night and shes yelling he look and turned around and startto walk towards us!

"he coming this way!" Lottie yelled Then out of no where 4 more figures pop up!

"Theres more!" i said i startedto freak the started running towards us we slam the door shut and forgot to lock it we ran up starts be for i could to part of hands were on my waist

"Lottie Gemma Help me!" I yelled crying they saw me ad freaked then the dude kissed me and the 4 other boys were laughing!

"Shit!" i yelled hitting Niall

"You should of saw your faces mostly you jaclyn!" zayn said

"Oh My Fucking god!"" Gemma and lottie said coming down the stairs

"Im Really not in the fucking mood right now and yall mad it worse!" i yelled running upstairs to the bathroom and locking it!


"Whats going on?" Liam asked

"Koby!" i said

"What did he do!" niall said worried

"Well....Long story!" Gemma said

"I dont care tell me now!" niall said as his voice got louder

"Fine!" i said They all sat down on the couch and i stood infront of them!

"Ok so...Jaclyn found out that he was cheating on me!" i said before i coud say more louis got mad

"That basterd! i kill him!" louis said

"Louis calm down and let her finish!" Harry said

"Then i found out for myself and cried we made a plan to ingore hima nd we did! then we walked and he started saying stuff to us and we left! When we got home from practice the jocks and him where there. So they keep say koby your evil stepsister is here an she started going off!" i told them they looked shocked

"She said you made cause im Dating niall and you cant get NONE of this! Then one of them started talking about all of you guys which pissed me gemma and her off!" i said

"What did they say about us?" Liam said

"Oh that gay band and they have to life." Gemma said

"Let me finish!" the agreed

"Ok then they started agruing her and the boy and koby said shut th fuck up and i got mad in got in his face called him a cheater and he pushed me to the ground! Jaclyn got up and yelled at him and pushed him back and they started getting into a fist fight for 3 mins and we couldnt get them apart!"


i heard lottie tell them the story on what happen i cried and cried i finally came out and niall was stand there!He grabbed me to a huge hug i was hurt i thought that my ife was good but its not

"jaclyn its ok. We got him!" niall said in my ear

"Dont hurt him!"" i said

"But he hurt you!" he said looking at me

"I know but dont!" i said crying

"Jaclyn.." i heard from down stairs

i walked down starts to koby and the jocks

"What the hell do you want!" i said He reached in his pocket and pulled out a gun!

"Jaclyn come here!" He said "And everyone esle over there!" he order

"NOW!" they yelled

"Wtf!" lottie said

"Oh yah you to lottie get yo asses over here!" koby said Lottie went to him cause of the gun!

"Lets go Jaclyn!" he said pointing it to me

"No!" i said i felt tear coming down my cheek!

"Koby please drop the gun!" Liam said


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