So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


23. Chapter 22


Thanks god lottie found jaclyn! I didnt know what i would do if she or we didnt! But Toby was the thing that got me! He came back for her and he cant get the fact that she doesnt want him anymore and its pissing me the fuck off he hurts her and it tears me apart!!

"Niall!" i heard a sot vocie say behind me

"Jaclyn what are you doing up you need to be resting!" i said walking up to her putting my hands around her wasit

"I know i just wanted to see if you were ok!" she said putting her head on my chest!

"awe arent you sweet but imfine, Babe!" i sad picking her up bringing her in side sittin on the couch!

I made her giggle which made my night seening her happy made me happy!


i got done talking with niall he went to bed and i stayed on the couch. Lottie and Koby came down like they were going somewhere. I guess they didnt see me!

"BOO!" i said watching them about to go out the door.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" they both screamed i was deading on the floor laughing and Niall Gemma and cameron ran downto see what was wrong

"What The fuck Jaclyn!" Koby said

"Well i though you would of seen me!" i saidstill laughing

"Haha You got us! NEVER do that again!" lottie said hitting me in the arm

"Sorry I love yall!" i said "Where are you going anyways!"

"I walking Koby to his so he can goto the store and he ha to do something esle!" lottie said

"Well you can stay here lottie i walk myself see ya wheni get home!" he said kissing her!

everyone went back to bed with a problem they where mad i wouldnt blame them

"Jaclyn we have to follow him!" Lotte said

"Why?" i said looking at her werid

"I think he is up to no good and we ALL hve school tommorrow!" She said

"so..." i said getting up

"nevermind im going to bed!" she yelled

"Good night" i said joining her

Niall looked so  lovely laying in the bed i didnt want to be rude but oh well i got into the bed and he put his arm around me i felt warm and safe!


So today is the first day of senior year(sorry if i put senior in the other chapter i meant JR) My lastd yea in school nial didnt have to go cause hes famous and he get to come to lunch with me everyday or i go with himm he checks me out haha i love him! I have every class with lottie and gemma and 5 with Koby and camreon!

1st period ART

"Ughhh i hate drawing!" Gemma said  we all laugh and she gave us a laugh-again-your-dead-look!

Koby left to go to the "bathroom" and lottie looked at me.

"Go follow him!" she whispered

"Fine...!" i got up to ask to go to the bathroom of couse a yesh! i got out to the hall i sa koby turn the corner past the boys bathroom! i ran to the end of the hall and he was still walking he finally stop and i hide behind the open door i was so close to him! i saw a blonde cheerleader that was on the team( Me gemma and lottie are still cheerleaders at the schooL!) That was Rachel! they started to make out he pushed her against the wall and clothes were being took off carrying into the room they were by!

"Poor lottie! i said in a whisper i ran back to the room before i went in i took the look off my face i walked in people were looking at me even lottie

"So.!" she said

"He went to the bathroom couple of the football player went in there with hiM!" i lied

"Thank god! I really love him!!" she sid smile i gave her a fake smile!

itwas lunch time i went to talk to koby before niall came to get me for lunch!

"KOBY!" i yelled he just looked at me

"Get Your ASSS over here NOW!" i was pissed how could he do that to her! all they football player looked at me i forgot i was in my cheer uniform! halfthe team liked me and lottie and gemma everyone like us cause of "One Direction!" he finally walkd over to me

"What the fuck.!" he said

"I hate you!" i said

"like i havent head thatbefore!" he said

"NO this time i have a Reason!" i yelled

"and that is!" he said looking around!

"How could you! Your A Asshole!"

"what the fuck did i do!" he said

"You hurt lottie and im about to tell her what you did!!" i said

"I didnt do anything Bitch!" he said pushing me against the wall

"Ouch you had sex with rachel while you were dating lottie and im telling her!"I said pushing off of me!

"How do you know! and your not!" he said pulling me back

"She loved you and you let her down" i growled i saw niall and walk to him while koby still standing there

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