So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


22. Chapter 21


I ran out of the house ran to all the places me and jaclyn usually go! no where! i went to sit my feet were hurting me so i took a break!


KOBY: did you find her?

ME: No i looked everywhere!

KOBY: Ughhh we need to find her i'll come help you where are yu?

ME: hmm ok im at the park!

KOBY: Ok im coming love you bye!

ME: love you to


When i was waiting fr koby to come i saw all the brother and sister and bff hang out at the park talking texting playing then i heard crying and screaming from behind me!

Its jaclyn! and her ex TOBY! NO
""niall louis koby! i yelled at the phone

"Lottie what wrong why are you crying!" they said

"T-T-Toby has jaclyn!" i said crying

"WHAT!" they yelled at the same time

Than the phone dropped and i hung up following where they where talking jaclyn! It was toby...Evan....and My ex Chris!

I saw niall and koby and ouis come up behind me!

"shh we need to follow them!" i said they agreed


"Please stop!" i yelled He had a new dude to replace camreon! Lotties ex Chris ! I knew  should of listen i should of talk  to lottie and i would never be in this mess!

"Shes adoable!" chris said "And funny!" he added

"Throw her!" toby yelled i saw louis head behind the trash bin!

"Ouch!" i yelled they startetobeat me and takey clothes off but beat me more!

"Louis just come out andbeat the up!"'

louis koby lottie an niall came out!

"look here look here,Lottie tomlinson!" chris said grabbing her louispushed him off of her!

I tried to get up but i couldnt im hurt! lottie came running to me!

"omg jaclyn im sorry i shouddnt did that to you im so sorry i didnt mean to put you inthis mess you my best friend and i love you!" lottie said

"I love you to! i shoudnt of doento you! i was so stuipd of getting revenge!" i said hugging her

"Please call the police ad the amblumce!' i said

she called the police and they got her right in time! before evan pulled a gun out!
"GET DOWN!" yelled one of the police!

they got down and niall and lottie where right eside me ithe albmuce!

"babe areyou ok!" niall said crying

"Im fine!" i said kissing niall then louis jumped in to!



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