So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


21. Chapter 20

"Omg She is so dead!" I said to niallas he unpacked our towels and etc.he also watched my and we both laughed!! haha

"JACLYN!" Lottie yelled looking at us from the water!

You might be confused but ya they {Koby and lottie} were 'Getting it on' in the water.

"You guys are so gross!" Niall yelled Laughing! "There being YOLO!" He added Before me and niall go comfortable i whispered a plan in his ear and he agreed!

"LOUIS!!!" I yelled Running up to Lou's flat!

"No Jaclyn Stop!" i hear lottie screaming behind me!

I finally got to the flat and ran up to him showing the Fake video and he was shocked I Told hima plan when lottie slam the door in! He was kinda mad and laughing at the same time!

"Lottie TOmlinson!" Lou said to her! shaking his head getting all sassy!

"Im so Sorry Lou!" "We did use Protection!" she said

"Wha the fuck that doesnt mean anything!" he said im in the backround laughing my ass of! i go up from luaghing so im standing there watching them talk!

"Im going to fucking KILL you Jaclyn!" she yelled running at me and tackled me to the ground

"Revenge sucks doesnt it!" i said between punches Yes we got into a fight with kicks and punhes and pulling hair.

LIke 2 min later we are still fight lou and eleanor trying to break us apart!

"wow they are good fighters" El said

Louis noddled with agreement! Then Kobyand Nill Pushed thought the door and saw us Fighting Then Koby and Niall helped Lou and El out and finally got us apart!

"You Bitch! I Hate You!' She yelled trying to get away from Koby and  lous grap!

"Fuck You ! I Hate you to! You slut!" i said with a bloody nos i had to say we were pretty brusied up!  and they let go of us!

"Stop you guys are Bestfriends!" niall and Louis Yelled at us!

"Not any fucking more!" i yelled

"THAT SO GREATI LOVE THAT IDEA!" lottie yelled at me!

I had a tear in my eyes and ran out the door to my house and ran upstairs to my room and gemma and camreon were on the couch! they are dating! Yes that camreon that helped my ex kidnapp me!

"Jaclyn whats wrong!" "and what happen!" he said sh asked getting up comig to see me!

"Lottie and i got intoa fist fight, and called eachother ever name in the book!" i said crying on her shoulder!

"What...jaclyn Why!?" she said hoding me

"Revenge!" i said

"Oh ya i got you!" she said Then Niall Lou an Koby came and i looked at them nd Ran up stairs to my room! ad lock the door!


"Jaclyn open the door!" i said banging on the door

"Leave me alone Niall!" she said !

"No open!" isaid

"Leave me alone!" she said trying to speak in between cryng

"Niall is she ok?" koby ask walkin up the stairs

"Yah i guess she wont open the door!" i said to him!

"hold on!" he said pusking me out the way of the door and banged his fist all over the door and he got it mouth dropped!

"thanks!" i said

"Welcome!" he said smiling!

We both walked in and she ws crying in a corner by the window!

"jaclyn are you ok!" i askcoming up to her!

"No just please leave me alone i need to be by myself i need to think just please let me!" she said getttin up and pushing us out the door!

"Guys Lottie is hurt for what she and jaclyn said!" lou said walking up to us

"so is Jaclyn!" we both said

"Where is she" Lou said

"In there crying!" i said

We went on and jaclyn wasnt in the spot before she was when we were in here the first time we loked all over the room the bthroom closet! she was no where! than e seen the window open!


I got tried of them banging at my door ever fucking secound! so i climb out the window and took a peaceful queit walk around town!

"Jaclyn?" i heard a voice behind me and i turned around

"What are you doing!" he ask me

"Had to get out the house  was being annoyed! wait why are you here!" i asked him confused

" i was leaving your house..looking for you and i found you!" he said smiling

"i really dont care im not going back till im ready!" isaid

"so what happen to you and lottie anyways!" he asked  as we sat dont in starbucks drinking coffee

"Revenge or a funny joke, not friends and more and then got in to a fist fight!" i answeerd

"Wow Who Won!" he said i shook my head

"TIE!" i said giggling!\

"Yah!" i said looking down


Niall: Where are you!

Me: walking!

Niall: Where im coming to get you!

Me: No where im walking by myself

NIall: Lottie wants to talk to you!


Niall: Jaclyn!!!



I cant be believe Jalyn did that! We got into a figth call each other nmes we arent friends anymore! I think she was Right i shouldnt of done that to her nd we wouldnt be in this mess shes has been though alot and ima bitc for doing that to her! We are bff...I feel So guilty! I need to talk to her. So i got dreesed and waked over to her Flat.

I seen Niall in tears punching the wall

"whats going on?" i asked

Nall looked at me "she ran away and we cant find her anywhere!" he said

"so its my fault that she gone?" i yelled

"Lottie i didnt say that!" he said walking o the couch

I shook my head nd ran out the door "i have to find jaclyn" i said to myself! I ran to find her so i went to LOuis Flat and he was getting ready to go on a date with Ellie! shes really pretty nd like what louis likes! I Look over his Flt she wasnt ther so i ran out still looking for her!


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