So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


11. Back?



"Guys What if shes not ok?" i say worried "Niall Mate she'll be fine?" Zayn says as him and liam are patting my back! "Is there anyine here for Jaclyn Montana!" the nurse said! We all stood up! they moved her to a bigger room for EVERYONE to see her!


I woke in a Hospaital! i see all these people walk in "Doctor...Who are these people?"" i asked I looked at them the eye in tearswith there mout dropped! "They are your family!?" she said back she walked out the room! "Hmm who are yall" i said at them! I saw a tall brown hair with curls looking at me papers! "she has memeory loss!" he said  i looked around and got up! "why are you reading my papers who are you!" i yelled at them He looked at me "im harry Your Sister boyfriend!" he said back! I looked at my iphone that was in my hand! i looked at the picture was me and 4boy and harry and a blonde girl! "Harry Niall Liam Zayn Louis Mia!" i aid shocked The ran up to me!!


I walked in the room there my beautiful gf! I walk in she asked the doctors who we were i got worrie and started to cry louis holdin me! i saw harry looking at her paper my tear ecaspe my eyes when he said she had Memeory loss!  She didnt remember us!! "who are yall! She said yelling! "I am harry your sister bf!" he toldher she looked att her phone? "Harry Niall Liam Louis Zayn MIA@" she yelled we alll ran to her hugging her! "you remembr us!" we yelled!


I Remeber i everything! "my Family My firends and My Boyfriend!" i say execited! everyones hugging me "ya Haha You get to go home!"  louis says "whats going on!" the doctor said " she has her memory back " said lottie And gemma! "well i guess she can go home tonight!" he said Everyone jumping up and down! after that my mom and stepdad and step brother koby ran in! "is my honey ok!" my mom said coming to me! "Im fine!"  sais laughing "im gald?" my stepdad said! (well hes really not my stepdad till 6 months thats there weddin aand my step brother isnt related to me bu he so cute!" hes really popular at my old school!)

im finallly Home! i jumped in my bed in my room! I rolled over with koby on my side "I see your happy!" he says! "ya i am !" i said as i was staying up facing him! "wow you look amazing!" he said "koby your about to be my brother! WTF!?" i said  "Ya not till 6 month so not tell then we arent related!  hE SAID  "So....KOby its wrong!" I though to my self " he is true" "he is cute" "no hes my brother and niall my boyfriend!" next thing i know Koby was kissing me! he pushed my on the bedand got on tp of me! "Koby get off!" i yelle "Im sorry i didnt mean it!" he said scard! "Itsokay you dint mean it!" i leaned  and kissed him for sorryness! "Whats going on!" Zayn ran in with koby on me! "Koby tickling me!" i said laughiing He really was!

5mins later

Everyone was down stairs watching the Movie "Mama" got its freakie!  "Niall hold me!" i said to niall "Sure babe!" he said cuddling me! i saw koby givehim a look! i kick him in his leg! "ouch!" he said "soory was tht your leg!" i said gigglding hestarted to tickle me again And niall help! "stop*Laugh* It hurts*laugh*!!""" i said "everyones laughing "we finish watching the movie my mom and stepdad are back in Californa! and koby is living with us! Lottie and Gemm were sleeping over! We all went to our rooms Me ad koby shared a room till we get the back room cleard fr him


Me lottie and Gemma and koby where all in my room "we sat in a circle Played Peztel! it was fun and  me and koby always got loss together everytime! "Well im going to bed " lottie said We all joined her but Koby! "Koby we have to go to sleeo!" i know ilbe here ina min he said We fell asleep!

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