So In Love

Jaclyn Montana A 15 old girl how moved to london a new school and new people!!! She has a famous Sister mia montana (whos dating harry styles)
she became bff with lottie and gemma

BTW Lottie and gemma are young in here so harry is older then gemma just read the story and you willl see(:


1. Moving

Hey I'm Jaclyn Montana!! Yes Im Mia Montana Little Sister! Its Kinda Weird having her date you favortie bands member! Hes over all the time and i still freak out they have been dating for 2 years now!!


"JACLYN!!" Mia Yelled from down stairs. ''What?'' I yelled Back from upstairs. as I walked down stairs my mom and dad and sister was in they kitchen talking they stopped and seen me!! i gave them a WTF look? My mom look at me like she didnt want to tell anything. ''Honey we have to tell you something?'' my mom said with her british accent ''Whaats going on?'' i said worried? ''We re moving to london so ou have to start packing?'' my dad saidd, I was so exitced ''So go start packing dork?'' Mia said ''you might be a pop star dating one direction harry styles, but noones packing you stuff for you loser.'' i gave a smirk back. She got mad and chased me to my room.

10 MINS Later

I was packing half my room i have all my clothes aout of my closet and dresser i had my outfit for the next few days! I took all my 1D posters down and my 2 justin Beiber posters down.I still had My desk and caarpets and other stuff to pack and then ill be done! I went down stairs to see have the house emtpy nothing in the living room on bathroom or kitchen cuase tommorw the stuff is going to the new house in london! i went to see want mia was doing. i walked half way in i saw harry and run at her room door crying!! i walked back in harry was helping pack her stuff. ''Hey Jaclyn!'' Harry waved to me. I waved back ''hey Hazza."' mia looked at me pointed out her door what a evil twin sister i have im 15 and shes 18 and we are twin but she has blonde hair and famous im brunette and not famous so i walk in my mom and dads room i jumped on there naked bed! ''mom how is it going!'' ''Well honey its great i cant wait for you and you sister to see the house!!''' ''I cant wait either'' i walked out to my room anf packed the rest off my stuff and went to bed! cause it was 9 oclock!



A/n  this my first chapter and i hope you guys like it(:

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