Justin Bieber

Some chapters real and same made up. I can wrote about you just say what you look like. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER.


1. Facts about JB

Justin full name is Justin Drew Bieber

His Birthday is on 1st of march 1994 same date as Ke$ha

Teenage boys are paying $150 to copy JB HAIR

Justin gets an average of 207,788 of facebook fans a week

He plays drums, piano, trumpet and guitar

It would cost $2,000-$8,000 to get him to play at your birthday party


His fav animal has to be a giraffe

His fav colour is purple

He wants 3 kids when he is older

His parents were divorced when he was 11 months old

He has claustrophobia and is really afraid of elevators

He has a sister called Jazmen

He stared dating at 13 and had his first kiss at 13

His fav food is spaghetti

He specks fluent in french

other cool facts about- http://www.justinbieberzone.com/about-justin-quick-facts/





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