Rock me (1D)

"Aren't you a bit lost, mate?" Niall was surprised to hear another Irish accent in a place like this. He looked up, and was met by the sight of no one less than the world famous Irish supermodel, Nora Sheehan, smirking knowingly at him.

Niall and Nora meet by accident, but instantly click. People constantly misunderstand their relationship, and try to make it into something more than it is, but the two superstars keep denying it.

But when they both start seeing others, they cant help but being consumed by a feeling that feels a lot like jealousy, and perhaps, something quite else.


2. star bucks and rumours

Chapter two:

The next morning Niall was woken up by a very loud Louis and Liam jumping around on his bed and him. “Get up sleepyhead!” the shouted, and screamed their heads off to prevent him from falling asleep again. Niall groaned and opened his tired eyes. The two boys grinned and jumped down on him, and Louis shoved his phone into Niall’s face. “It looks like someone got some action last night.” He teased while Liam made smooching sounds. Niall grunted and tried to focus on the small screen, which was hard, as hung over as he was. But he finally succeed, and the sight that met him made his cheeks burn. Louis was showing him a picture of Niall and Nora by the cabs the night before. The picture had perfectly captured the moment were Nora had pressed her lips to his, and seeing as Louis hadn’t taken to photo himself, this could only be bad news. ‘Fuck’, was the only reply Niall gave the two boys, as he ran out the door seconds later.

                Nora had been nursing her terrible hangover with a quiet breakfast, when her phone started buzzing furiously. She didn’t recognize the number, and was therefore a bit hesitant to answer. “Hallo?” she asked softly. “Nora? Is that you? It’s Niall. From One Direction…” Nora chuckled slightly. “Never would have guessed. Jesus Niall, you think I would just forget you like that?” She laughed, and could hear him chuckle embarrassedly on the other end of the line. “So, what’s up? I know I told you to call, but I hadn’t expected you to do it so soon.” She chuckled. “Oh, yeah! Have you been online today?” She shook her head, but realised that he couldn’t see that. “No, why?” She heard Niall sigh on the other end, making her more curios. “Do you remember last night, when you gave me that kiss?” “Yeah.” She blushed slightly at the thought. “Well some paparazzi got a picture of that, and now it’s trending on every possible website in the world.” Nora could feel her jaw drop at that and her face paled. “No fucking way.” Niall sighed again. “Nope, it’s actually true, unfortunately.” Nora used every swear word she knew, and Niall just kept agreeing with her on the end. After having calmed down a bit, Nora took a deep breath. “Okay, well I’ll probably have to talk a bit with my manager and sought this out. So I’ll call you later, okay?” Niall agreed, and she hung up. Nora cursed to herself. She hated when these kinds of things happened. And since it was with a member of One Direction, she was going to get so much shit from fans, and just about everyone else. Nora called her manager, and arranged a meeting, and then got a shower to calm a bit down and get a hold of herself.


                Several days later, Nora walked into one of the many start bucks placed all over New York City. Her eyes searched the shop and its many customers, when she finally found him. She smiled to herself as she quietly snuck in on him. She wanted to surprise him, so she tiptoed up behind him, and in one quick motion placed her hands on top of his eyes. He yelped, and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing. He soon joined her, and placed his hands over hers and gently removed them, then laid his head back to look at her. “Nora.” He greeted with a smile which she gladly returned. “Niall.”

After Nora had gotten herself drink and a muffin she sat down with Niall, who smiled at her. “It’s good to see you again, Niall. How are you?” he shrugged. “Ah, you know. Fine I suppose, though I’ve been getting loads of hassle from the lads with the whole rumour of us going out thingy.” Nora groaned in understanding. “You have no idea how much some of the girls I’ve been working with have teased me! And then all those super One Direction fans, that have been sending me death threats, because I ‘stole their husband away from them, and I’m just going to hurt you’.” Niall laughed in understanding, and took a sip from his drink. “Yeah, some of them are quite clingy.” His expression suddenly became very serious. “It’s not hurting you, right? I know some of the things they say can be quite hurtful, but you shouldn’t let them under your skin. I can tell them off I you want me to.” Nora blinked at him, but then started chuckling. “Niall its fine, I’m fine. They just love a lot, and besides, it’s not like I haven’t dealt with these types of people before.” Niall still looked unsure, so she gave him a smile and placed her hand on his. “Don’t worry; I know they only write those kinds of things because they don’t have the guts to say them in real life.” Niall seemed to relax a bit at this, so she continued. “And besides, I know their just jealous of how incredible sexy I am.” She grinned and Niall just started laughing hysterically. “What, I was dead serious! I’m offended.” Nora huffed, but she couldn’t hide her wide smile for all she was worth.

                After that Nora had to hurry off to some fitting for some of the clothes she would be wearing at an upcoming fashion show. She hailed a cab, and then turned to Niall and gave him a great big hug. “It was fun today, you better call soon! See ya!” she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then climbed into the cab. Niall waved at her, and then started walking back towards the hotel he and the boys were staying at. His phone buzzed and he pulled it out, it was a text from Louis, which contained nothing but a picture of him and Nora ten minutes earlier. Niall sighed, not bothered to reply. He was about to put his phone back into his pocket, when he got an indescribable urge to call Nora again. He smiled at the thought, and plopped his phone back into his pocket.   

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