Rock me (1D)

"Aren't you a bit lost, mate?" Niall was surprised to hear another Irish accent in a place like this. He looked up, and was met by the sight of no one less than the world famous Irish supermodel, Nora Sheehan, smirking knowingly at him.

Niall and Nora meet by accident, but instantly click. People constantly misunderstand their relationship, and try to make it into something more than it is, but the two superstars keep denying it.

But when they both start seeing others, they cant help but being consumed by a feeling that feels a lot like jealousy, and perhaps, something quite else.


3. inteviews and phone calls

Hey guys! I'm so sorry!!! I know I'm a complete arsehole for not updating before now, but I... I.. yeah I have absolutely no excuse... but anyways, I have renewed inspiration for this story, and I will try to update more during the weekend... oh, and I know that 'that thing' (you will know) with Niall is kind of sudden, but I just didn't feel like dragging it out forever.... anyways hope you like it, and please like and favourite, and I also love reading your comments, and criticism is always appreciated!!

much love - n

Chapter 3:

“…One direction!” the audience consisting mostly of girls went wild as the boys made their entrance. Smiling, they waved at their cheering fans as they made their way towards the show’s host that stood up to meet them. When all five of them had shaken both hosts’ hands, they tried to make room for all five of them on the small couch. Soon they all sat somewhat comfortably, the audience quieted a bit down. Niall was sitting between Liam and Zayn, or rather, he was sitting partially on top of both of them, while Harry and sat beside Liam, with Louis’ leg draped slightly over his. The male host smiled at them and started the interview. “So boys, welcome! How are you?”

The interview was pretty standard, and most of the questions had been answered many times before. That was until they turned their attention towards Niall, to ask him about a quite recent matter. “So, Niall, it is a known fact that you wouldn’t mind dating an American girl, correct?” Niall smiled and nodded, and the male host continued. “So we were quite puzzled to see this picture.” He pointed at the large flat screen that was placed just in the middle of the stage. A dark picture popped up, and Niall immediately knew that he was in for it. The other boys started laughing, and Niall felt a blush spread as he too chuckled slightly. “Yeah, we’re just friends.” He reassured them. The host glanced at one another, and the other boys snickered. “Really? Cause just a few days later the two of you were seen together at Starbucks.” The female asked with a smirk as a new picture popped up on the screen. Niall felt his blush become deeper, and sighed knowing that he was going to get a lot of this for the next long period of time.


                The show was aired live, and in the other end of town, Nora was watching as Niall desperately tried to convince the two very annoying host that there really was nothing going on. She was pissed, and I didn’t help that her phone kept buzzing with text from her manager trying to get in contact with her so they could plan put what to do. But Nora was tired of planning. She was tired of planning her life, never leaving anything to fate. Only few coincident’s came to be, one of them being meeting Niall. Since she was fourteen she had been planning out her life years in advance, so that she could stay successful, not that that had ever been a real problem. In fact the real reason behind this madness was that her management wanted to control her, control her life. Back on the TV screen, the hostess said something extremely annoying, giving the clearly not-amused boys a fake smile, her Botox very clear. Nora had been winding herself up for the past half-hour, but when the disgusting woman asked Niall if he was ready to become one of Nora’s many ex’es, she lost it. Furious, Nora threw the remote she had been clutching at the TV. She was about to rip an innocent pillow apart, when her phone began buzzing. Still pissed, she answered. “Nora, is that you? It’s me, Maggie.” Nora immediately forgot her anger, as she absently turned off the TV. “Maggie, hi. How are you? How’s Carrie?” Is she alright, she didn’t hurt herself, right? That’s not why you’re calling, right? Om my god, I’ll get the first flight home. I’ll –“ Nora was cut off by the sound of Maggie chuckling on the end of the line. “Nora calm down! Carrie’s fine! In fact, she wants to speak to you, and that’s why I called.” Nora felt slightly stupid and paranoid as she made a little sound of realization. “Oh, oh well then let me have her. Thank you Maggie.” Nora could feel a slight blush of embarrassment spread on her cheeks, as the other woman chuckled and gave her consent. “Hello?” a small, but familiar voice sounded in Nora’s ears, and she immediately felt the tears sting her eyes. “Carrie! It’s me, Nora!” She felt wide smile spread, as the beautiful laughter from the other girl sounded. “Mags, it’s her! It’s Nowa!” tears found their way into Nora’s grinning mouth, their salty taste spreading. “Yeah Carrie. It’s me, I’m here.”


                After the interview, the boys had decided that they were all too tired to do anything but go back to the hotel. Zayn had sent a quick text to Perrie, and was now snoring loudly in the bed next to Liam’s, who had to use his headphones to even have a chance at sleep. Louis had immediately gone out on the terrace to give Eleanor a call, and he was still at it. Harry and Niall had watched a bit of television, and shared a beer, but eventually Harry called it a night and went to bed. Niall had found that he was too restless to fall asleep, and on a whim he had decided to take a shower. With the water streaming onto his face, he found some peace, and for a brief moment, he had time to think about what had happened at the interview. The host’s had kept asking him about Nora, and even though he knew that the two of them were nothing but good friends, their questions had made him think. Just thinking about her made him blush, and in all honesty, he didn’t see why they couldn’t be more than just good friends. He hadn’t had a real girlfriend ever since One Direction had been formed, and all the others, with Harry as an exception, seemed to have been able to keep up stable relationships. With renewed hope and courage, Niall dried himself off, and made his way out of the bathroom and quickly found his phone. His thumb was hovering over the ‘call-button’ as he hesitated for moment, reconsidering if what he was about to do was really the right thing, and if it was worth the risk if Nora didn’t feel the same way. But then his eyes fell on the picture He had taken of Nora one day when they had been hanging out. At the sight of her laughing face, a final surge of courage swept over him, and having made up his mind, he pressed down, and held the phone to his right ear. The silence was slowly killing Niall, and he lost more and more willpower by the second. Then finally, a beep sounded, and a female voice filled his ears. “The number you are calling is not currently available. Please leave a message.” Then another beep and a long silence, but Niall had stopped listening. Absently, he ended the call, and completely warn-out, he flopped onto the bed. Niall had never been very religious, but he saw this as a sign from God, and all the will-power left him. What had he been thinking anyways? Nora was beautiful, and there was no way she would ever think of him that way. Niall felt the tears sting his eyes, but he held them back, like he decided to hold back his feelings for Nora, burrowing them, letting himself fall into a dream-less sleep, hoping to forget that any of that had ever happened.  

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