Rock me (1D)

"Aren't you a bit lost, mate?" Niall was surprised to hear another Irish accent in a place like this. He looked up, and was met by the sight of no one less than the world famous Irish supermodel, Nora Sheehan, smirking knowingly at him.

Niall and Nora meet by accident, but instantly click. People constantly misunderstand their relationship, and try to make it into something more than it is, but the two superstars keep denying it.

But when they both start seeing others, they cant help but being consumed by a feeling that feels a lot like jealousy, and perhaps, something quite else.


1. By chance


       The club was full of drunk, dancing people and was one of the few places where people didn’t see or care who you were. One of the employees met the boys at the door and swiftly led them through the club, and back to the VIP lounge, where all celebrities that happened to be in New York gathered. The dark room was filled with models from all over the world, due to the fashion week, scattered around the room, big and small time celebrities where laughing, most of them highly intoxicated. In the middle of the room people, whom one would normally see on the front page of a magazine, were rubbing up against each other to the beat of the music.

      The boys quickly scattered all of them spotting someone they knew. Harry was quickly dragged off by a bunch of models, Liam and Danielle made their way towards the dance floor, Louis was greeted by an overly excited Eleanor, and was pulled away to sit in a corner and talk and cuddle a bit. That left Zayn and Niall, who had no one to greet, and therefor just made their way to the bar. After a beer or two, they were striking up a conversation with the bartender, when Zayn got a phone call from Perrie, who was just outside, and he then went to meet her. Niall was just finishing his beer, when two of the guys from The Wanted sat down beside him, and being drunk they tried to start an argument with him. Niall, being the peaceful lad he was, just found the two lads amusing, and quietly left them.

        He wandered around for a bit, spotting Harry with not only one, but two models on his knees, a sight that made Niall roll his eyes a bit. Liam and Danielle had disappeared in the mass of people, while Louis and Eleanor where with a crowd of people, Louis entertaining everyone with one of his stupid stories, and Eleanor smiling sweetly at him. Niall wasn’t able to find Zayn and Perrie, but he had a pretty good idea of what they were doing. He finally completed his round, discovering an empty seat by the bar. He sat down, and asked for another beer, that was soon handed to him. For some time he just there, with his back to all the commotion behind him, peacefully sipping his drink. The girl beside him had been engrossed in a conversation with a bunch of others ever since he came, but as they left she finally turned back to face the bar. He didn’t look at her, but could feel her eyes on him. After a while she finally broke the silence, “Aren’t you a bit lost, mate?” Niall was surprised to hear an Irish accent, and looked up at the mystery Irish girl.

She had long black hair, pale skin, and very blue eyes framed by long eyelashes and loads of black eyeliner, her lips pulled into a knowing smirk. Niall recognized her immediately. Nora Sheehan, one of the most famous supermodels out there, and conveniently from Ireland. Nora was only a couple of months older than him, but had been famous since they were both fourteen. Being one of the only Irish supermodels, everyone in Ireland knew her, and followed her every move. And even though Niall himself was a superstar now, he was completely star struck by the sight of this beautiful girl.

          He realised that she was still waiting for a reply, and a deep crimson blush spread itself on his cheeks. “W-what do you mean by that?” he asked, slightly confused. She just smirked wider, “Oh, come on man! Every teen and tween girl in the UK and America has been stalking you five lads for the past couple of years, and I know you have said many times that you would like to date an American. And all the Americans happen to be over there.” She pointed over towards where Harry was surrounded by pretty girls. Nora leaned in and whispered, “And besides, Americans are suckers for our charming Irish accents.”  She pulled back with a giant grin, showing off her perfect teeth, and Niall couldn’t help smiling back at her. He glanced over at the American models, and then shook his head and turned back to Nora. “Nah, I think I’ll stick to the Europeans for tonight.” She chuckled and replied, “Yeah you can’t really count on them anyway. One time when I was here, I was talking to a guy in a bar, totally friendly from my side. But then his girlfriend came along, and at first she just glared at me. But then she heard my accent, and then realised who I was, and this couple just started like fighting over me.  And I was like, sixteen, and scared out of my wits. I was lucky I got away in one piece, ‘cause I think they would have ended up severing in half if I hadn’t escaped.” Niall had started laughing, and Nora soon followed.

     The two of them spent the entire evening laughing at different experiences, and strange people they had met during the last couple of years. Both of them were slightly surprised that the other one was so down to earth, but they enjoyed every minute of the others company. But all nights have to end, and being the busy people they were, it ended sooner than any of them would have liked. They were both extremely drunk as they made their way out of the club, their arms linked, while they were laughing their heads off. Their hotels were in different parts of town, so they decided to hail to cabs instead of one. They got the first one, and Niall being a gentleman, let Nora have it. He held the door for her, both of them giggling, and she gave him a great big hug as they parted. “Thank you for tonight, Nialler. I really enjoyed it.” She said and kissed both his cheeks, and then finally gave a tiny peck on his lips. They could taste the alcohol on each other, and a silent understanding passed through them, and they both knew that the kiss was nothing more than friendly. “Goodnight Nialler! Remember to call me!” They waved at each other as she drove away, and when she was gone, Niall proceeded to hail his own cab, a big smile still plastered on his face.  




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