Calebs story

A young wolf called caleb finds himself an outcast from the pack and starts his new life on his own were he encounters harsh facts of life and death


3. Unexpected things

As I was awake I decided that it was time to eat again. I really needed the food after all, as my belt echoed from within. So I went outside and faced the rain. I was just crossing over the rise with a dead rabbit in my mouth when I saw her. She was just standing there, staring out into the valley below us. I stopped instantly and sniffed the air. She wasn't anyone I had seen before and she defiantly wasn't from my old pack. I think I would have rembered her. I let the rabbit fall from my mouth will a dull Thunk. As it hit the floor she turned around with a wild and frightened look in her eyes. "Who are you and what do you want" she asked, quivering. I tried to play it cool. " hi my names caleb. What's yours" I asked with a friendly tone. " my name is storm. I haven't seen you around before.". " I haven't seen you either" I retorted. " that's because I can hide well. I bet you didn't notice me last night when you found your cave." She replied. I was dazed. I couldn't remember her being there. I certainly didn't smell her. But I overlooked it. When I looked up I saw she was gazing at me. " so what are you out here for then, all alone hmm?" She asked. " I was kicked out of my pack for unjust reasons. What about you". " I left of my own accord" she muttered. Well I thought, I'm not the only one out here. " hey would you like to stick around or something. I mean because you know, we're both kinda on our own and I could use someone's help. You know to catch prey and you know to talk to." I said. " alright let me think about it. I will tell you tomorrow wether I agree with your idea. Goodbye caleb.see you tomorrow." And with that she was gone. As I hear back to my cave the warm feeling inside my stomach vanished. Wait what warm feeling. I admit she was pretty cute but I've only just met her I mean I don't even know her. Stupid caleb. Why did you invite her to stay with you? What were you thinking? She could be a spy from a rebel pack for all I knew. But something about her made me want to trust her. I sat down and ate my rabbit. I would talk to her tomorrow. If she ever came.
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