Calebs story

A young wolf called caleb finds himself an outcast from the pack and starts his new life on his own were he encounters harsh facts of life and death


4. Two's company

I woke up to the sun streaming into my cave. it was a bright and sunny day outside and the weather definalty matched my mood. I was anxious yet happy as i really hoped storm would come. I ran to my hiding spot in the bushes and waited for some stupid rabbit to come wandering by. It was nearly sunrise when i finally caught one. wait a minute nearly sunrise! storm was coming at sunrise. I raced back to my cave as fast as I could, my paws struggling to find grip on the stony surface. When I finally arrived at my cave I saw her already waiting for me. "I thought you had moved on and forgotten about me" she said softly. " I don't think I could forget about you easily" then I blushed as that was such a stupid thing to say. She didn't seem to mind however. "I have thought about what you asked me... And I accept your offer. It would be common sense to stick together and we could watch each others backs. So I'm here if you still want me?" She said. Secretly I was thrilled ! I couldn't wait to have someone to talk to abs hunt with. It would just be like the old days, only with less people and more of a friendship. "Sure sounds good to me" so that was it. The start of my new friendship with storm. I thought it would be brilliant. And it was. We went hunting that afternoon and we played together near a river. I accidentally soaked her so she pushed me into the freezing water. It was a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed myself. We acted like we had been friends for ages. And to me it really did feel like it. At the end of the day we headed back to the cave and made a nest for storm. She snuggled down into her bedding and let out a deep sigh. I got into my own bed and turned to face her. " so I guess it's twos company now hey, good night storm." "Good night caleb" and with that we fell asleep, feeling a hole lot better than yesterday.
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