Calebs story

A young wolf called caleb finds himself an outcast from the pack and starts his new life on his own were he encounters harsh facts of life and death


6. Three's a crowd

It had been two months since storm and I had met up. We had developed a close friendship during those two months and had only had to move away once from our old cave as we came back one day to find it demolished by a landslide. However, no we had something new and better, a cavern behind a water fall which was big and quite light. It's location also meant we always had fresh drinking water. We had made it through one harsh week of bitter cold freak snow and then basked in the sunlight that always seemed to exist. We were both well fed and never went hungry and our moods we improved so much that the amount of times we smiled each day our cheek muscles were aching at the end of it. Only when I have something nice in my life it usually got destroyed pretty quickly. So I was cautious of what went on, and if any sign of danger appeared, I sorted it out. However there are some things that are just too big for someone as small as me to sort out. We found that out on that fateful day when me and storm were hunting just east to the direction of our old home with our packs when I saw some dark shapes running flat across the valley below us. As my eyes focused more quickly I separated one sandy shape streaking ahead of the dark mottled shapes that followed. They were heading straight for us. "storm we have to get out of here now!" I shouted above the howling and yelping coming from the slope below us. Storm just stood there tensed on the ridge looking down at the on comers. I followed her gaze to the sandy colored wolf running ahead of the wolves behind him. He had a look of pure terror on his face and was pushing his legs into a faster run, which, I knew from past experience would make him very tired. I couldn't bear to see another innocent person get terrorized like I had. " stay here storm and be ready to run when I reach you againOK" without waiting for an answer I dashed down the valleys slope towards the sandy wolf. " hey kid run as fast as you can to the top of that hill and join my friend at the top. I will stall them just keep running" the wolf nodded and sped up the hill at the fastest pace he could go. I turned to face the oncoming pack of wolves. I thought they might stop but they just kept barreling towards me. I spun back around and sprinted to the top of the valley. Further down the hill side I saw storm and the young wolf racing towards the cavern. I chose the opposite path to them and headed for the cliff. I thought if I could get them near the edge then I could spin around at the last second and trick them to fall into the gorge of thundering water below. But my plan was shattered when I felt jaws clamp the back of my neck. I was picked up and thrown in the air like a rag doll. Then repeatedly bashed against the smooth granite. Blood clouded my vision and claws raked my belly. " no !" I heard an agonised whail from storm. She had come back to see if I was ok. I felt the presence of the pack leave me until storm came up. " caleb , caleb can you hear me ? It's me storm. Caleb stay with me now ok. We're gonna get you some water and a nice soft bed. Zephy come and help me come on" I felt my body being dragged across the stones towards the soft grass. I could tell when we had neared the cavern as I got sprinkled with water and I could hear the roar of the water. As I was placed into my nest the world turned black.
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