Calebs story

A young wolf called caleb finds himself an outcast from the pack and starts his new life on his own were he encounters harsh facts of life and death


5. The past is the past

I woke to the sounds of panting and scuffling filling my ears. Soft whimpers seemed to be coming out from storms direction, so I heaved my body out of my nest and paced over to her. "Storm are you ok?" I asked. " caleb there's something you should know about me and my past. It's the reason I came to be here now and I want you to know before you decide anything properly. I made my own way away from my pack because I got abused. It all started when my leader took a fancy to me. He took me to his cavern and said to me that he would have me as his new wife and I could be his deputy. However to his disliking I refused that position. See, my mother always told me love would find me in its own time and I would know when it did. My mother however died soon after I was eleven so I had to bring up the family on my own. I focused on getting my eldest brother ready to look after the family as I had to go out with the others regularly on hunting patrols. I also planned to leave one day anyway as my mother told me with her dying breaths that my destiny was outside the pack life I lived in. So anyway I wasn't looking for a mate. He got angry at my decline and he corner me in his cavern. That's how I got the scars on my belly here. He swiped at me until I bled. He waited a couple more months but then again he asked once more. And again, I payed for my choice. When my oldest brother was ready to leave the family I took off, knowing I could be finally free. But not before I paid back to my leader. I asked him to walk with me then I attacked him. I didn't kill him I just gave him scars to match mine. But it thought you needed to know. I wouldn't do that normally but I had to release myself from his grasp. I understand if you change your mind about now. But I really like you caleb and I think we could get along." She finished. " listen storm, the past is the past. And you haven't turned around and bitten me yet ! What matters now is you and me watching each others backs and you pursuing your destiny. So I don't judge you at all. And you are defiantly not going anyway! We've only just made friends properly." I said with a smile. She nuzzled me gratefully and that warm feeling crept into me again. Then she fell asleep against my shoulder after sitting there for a while. I gently laid her down and laid next to her. Life, so far, was pretty good
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