Calebs story

A young wolf called caleb finds himself an outcast from the pack and starts his new life on his own were he encounters harsh facts of life and death


1. An outcast

Paws thudded on the ground behind me as I raced from the caves mouth. I could feel the hot breath upon my back as I tumbled down the side of the ravine, finding no traction on the slippery stones to keep me up. Still, I raced ahead, pushing my young body to its limits in order to stay out of reach from the others. I snatched a glance behind me to see bloody, snarling jaws only inches from muzzle. I kicked with my back legs and heard a sickening crunch as my paw connected with someone's jaw. They stopped behind me and stood on top of a rock jutting out of the cliff side. I spun to face them and braced myself for the oncoming fight. But all I got was a few lousy snarls and stares. I looked back at my new enimies and felt a twinge of regret. I had betrayed my brothers and my friends and, more importantly, my pack. "Get out of our territory and don't come back" they snarled. I looked for another moment then turned and ran. I thought they would follow but after a quarter of a mile I heard and felt nothing behind me so I dropped my pace to a light jog. Truth being that I was exhausted, hungry, and damn right tired, I decided it was time to find some shelter before it got to dark. I scanned my unfamiliar surroundings and saw a large hole on the middle of the cliff and headed towards it. When I got there I went inside. I could smell no other wolf scents so I thought it was safe enough. So I had somewhere to sleep the next on my agenda was some food and water sorce. I found water pretty easily as they was a dip in the ground a couple of feet away from my cave so I drank from the rain that now splashed down my fur onto the ground around my paws. I then picked a spot on the side of the cliff which was hidden by bushes and waited for my prey to come along. It was a matter of moments before a rabbit came hopping into view and I quickly devoured my moursel. I waited some more but there was nothing so I walked back to my cave and curled down into a makeshift nest I had made. As my body began to slip into sleep my final thoughts were about myself. An outcast
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